Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today is Free

I turned in my last assignment about two hours ago, so I'm off the hook until Monday. I am supposed to comment on some other people's postings in the discussion groups, but I'm not sure what to say in response to this:
If Job is charged with evil the godlineness this would take his integrity and he would consider it a terrible sin. The truth about God people is to tell the truth and shame the devil. Job do not know the explanation of his punishment which made him bitter toward God.

I wasn't aware that I was in an ESL class. This is a 200-level class in a "university." Parents, this is what those tens of thousands of dollars are buying.

For the church-goers out there, this person is going to be teaching Christian doctrine to your children.

I know what sort of comment I would like to leave on the discussion board, but it would probably get me booted out of the class and possibly the university. I only have to suffer through the next six weeks, then it's over.

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