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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Living in the Third World

I've been waiting for some official announcement as to just who our next president will be. We are now 10 days past Election Day, and we still don't know for sure. The news media is hailing Sleepy Joe as our next president, but unless I missed a constitutional convention, the news media doesn't declare who the next president is. But why would I expect the end result of the most tainted election in my lifetime to be any different? Here are some random thoughts in no particular order:

1. The media always has its thumb on the scale for its favored candidate, but this year, it was completely ridiculous. No matter what Trump did or said, he was always the villain: if he had run out into traffic to save a family of baby ducks, the media would have ripped his ass for not finding a family of baby geese to save as well. (He's goose-a-phobic!!)

2. Black Lives Matter may have started out with good intentions, but it has turned into something else entirely. The leadership are not interested in sitting down and having any sort of dialogue, just screaming endless (and increasingly stupid) demands, just like the spoiled little brats they were taught to be at college. And when every demand isn't instantly met, they throw a temper tantrum and burn, loot and murder.

3. Every election has a certain level of vote fraud. I'm pretty sure the first recorded instance occurred about five minutes after the ancient Greeks invented voting. The question is, in a race as tight as this one, did the fraudulent votes account for a large enough share of the over-all vote to effect the outcome? The fact that the media and DNC seem to want to squash any attempt to answer that question, pretty much answers the question for me.

4. Twitter, Google  and Facebook censorship of anyone who raises even the most modest of questions regarding the election outcome (or climate change or the Holocaust or about 100 other verboten topics), or even makes a completely accurate statement of fact ("dead people voted in the 2020 election" or "blacks commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes") can get you banned for life. As far as I'm concerned, all three companies should be put to death: stock price set to zero, assets sold to the highest bidder with the funds used to pay as much corporate debt as possible. Any left-over debt is written off.

5. Americans have been gradually losing faith in various institutions for decades. I don't think there is a single person in the working class who believes the healthcare system gives a shit about either their health or their care. Nor does anyone I know still believe that there is anything higher or educational going on in our universities. But the one institution that most still had some faith in was voting. Nice to know that's now over with.

6. The post office was another institution people generally had good feelings about. Sure we all made jokes at mail carriers' expense ("Fragile" means you throw it underhand!) or bitched about long lines at Christmas, but people mostly were happy with the USPS. Then 2020 happened. While we were up in Michigan, it was taking up to two months from the cancellation date for mail to get forwarded to us. Not, as we are now finding out, that the cancellation date means anything as several post offices were ordering their employees to back date the cancellation mark on ballots. I know that the BLM assholes are trying to convince us normals that expecting blacks to meet deadlines and show up for work and school on time is racist, but give me a break. If you are so clueless you don't know when Election Day is, your vote shouldn't be counted. In any case, if I need to mail something important, I'll be using Fed-Ex.

7. At least the idea of the Deep State or the Permanent Bureaucracy has gone from tin-foil-hat crazy to accepted fact. And speaking of the deep state, I'm still waiting for an answer to a question I've been asking for a couple years, ever since the early days of Ukraine-gate: why is the fucking CIA wire-taping the president's phone? It says a great deal about just how far gone we are as a country that no one batted so much as an eyelash at that one.

8. Polling as a "science" is dead. Not only was Biden supposed to win in a landslide rather than the nail-bitter is has turned out to be, there was supposed to be a "blue wave" that gave control of the Senate to the Democrats as well as giving them a super-majority in the House. What actually happened is Republicans gained seats in the House and held (so far) a majority in the Senate. After calling not one, but two elections completely wrong, most thinking people will ignore pollsters and begin to listen to Vegas odds-makers instead.

9. Regardless of who gets sworn in on January 20, both major parties are pretty much toast. The RNC is fracturing between the Never-Trumpers and the Trump Foreverers, while the DNC is being torn asunder by the young-uns who want Medicare for All and zero tuition at state universities and colleges, and the leadership like Pelosi who are older than the pyramids and cannot be distinguished from the Never Trump Republicans.

10. Regardless of who gets sworn in on January 20, we're all screwed. All this fighting is over who gets to preside over the worst decade in American history. Oil production is crashing, heading down to as little as 5 million barrels per day. Our banks serve no purpose other than funneling Fed money printing to the top .1%. Main street family businesses are dropping like flies. Landlords are ignoring the eviction moratorium and throwing families out into the street. Once the moratorium expires at the end of the year, the current trickle of evictions will become a tsunami. (Same with mortgage foreclosures.) 

OK; this is getting way too long and it is way past my bedtime. Just one more thing and I'll shut up:

The latest in Trump Derangement Syndrome is the media meltdown because Trump finally fired all the Pentagon honchos who believed they could ignore the Commander-in-Chief without consequences. The media believes Trump is going to take over in a military coup. The less John le Carre-esque theory is that Trump is sick and tired of being ignored by the Pentagon when he orders our soldiers home from Afghanistan. There is nothing there worth one more American life. End it already. Have the boys home by Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 13, 2020