Saturday, May 25, 2013

Towel Day

I meant to do this first, then the other of today's posts second so it would be on top for a while. Maybe Blogger will let me do that. Probably not, but you never know. If this is on top, then be sure to scroll down a bit.

Anyway, today is Towel Day!! So wherever you're going today, don't forget to take your towel.

Other miscellaneous news items:

It's near the end of May, so that means it's time for the annual Worst Hurricane Season Evaaaaaar! full-blown, global-warming, we're-all-gonna-die panicky news story. Depending on how you define "worst", there are numerous contenders for the worst hurricane to hit the United States. If you measure them by cost, then the most current hurricanes are indeed the worst in our nation's history. Five seconds of thought will tell you why that has nothing to do with global warming. If you are looking at wind speed at landfall (something which would be linked to global warming), then all the worst storms are in the past, with the most recent Cat 5 being Andrew back in 1992. But nothing sells like panic, and so panic is what we get.

Meanwhile, the infrastructure of the United States continues to deteriorate with yet-another bridge collapse. Engineers may still be trying to determine the cause for the collapse, but anyone who routinely drives on the freeway already has a pretty good idea. But never fear; the bunny inspectors are safe. See John Michael Greer for details.

Last but not least, another writer comes out and says what is becoming painfully obvious: College is yet-another scam to separate the middle-class from whatever wealth they may have left. I know mine has been a monumental waste of money, but at least I enjoyed the process. I see people every single day hating every minute, racking up massive debt, and all for a degree that will at best get them a part-time job at Starbucks that won't even make the student loan payment.

And on that cheerful note, I need to scrape off a few layers of dried sweat and get ready for dinner with Debbie and a second cousin twice removed. Or maybe a third cousin once removed. First cousin thrice removed? Dunno. A relative. Leave it at that.

In Memoriam

Tony Boris: February 9, 1944 to May 20, 1992

Leo Boris: April 11, 1938 to May 25, 1992
It's hard to believe it has been over 20 years; it still seems like yesterday. The pictures of Dad and Uncle Leo are of them doing what they always loved to do more than anything else: Dancing with all the pretty girls.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Fruits

Not technically the very first, but Debbie grabbed and ate the first one before I had a chance to get the camera:

Fresh from the garden and still warm from the sun.

Turns out that tomatoes are difficult to photograph. At least with our camera. The stupid thing refused to focus for some reason. Out of a dozen shots, this was the best of the lot. It worked fine the last time we had it out, so I likely need to take an hour or so and check every button, knob, switch and menu setting to see what the deal is. In any case, we have our first-ever home-grown tomato for Debbie to munch on.

When I'm not pouring gallons of water on our tomato plant in an attempt to keep it alive, I've been working on the insulation in the Florida room. I had to pull out the old, moldy, insect-infested open cell foam, clean up the black mold, seal up the hundred-and-one places I could just look outside through the wall, and remove most of the electrical wiring. But it's all in and already making a big different. I'll be putting in some wood so I have something to hang drywall from, then adding another inch-and-a-half of polyisocyanurate in the wall cavities. That will give me R-14 walls. Then some plywood in key spots to increase the odds that the place won't fall over in a wind storm, level up the rest of the wall with still more polyiso, then the fun stuff: Drywall. Ugh. Might hire that done....

Here is what it looks like so far:

The worst part was working around the hot water heater. I told the installers to leave me some room, but they were a bunch of skinny kids. I should have specified that I needed old, fat guy room. It took a lot of gruntin', sweatin' and cussin' to get that foam back there.

Oh, and if you wonder what happened, I've already deleted my Facebook account. It took about a week for me to remember all the reasons why I got off the worthless thing in the first place. The kicker was when it wouldn't let me log on until I retracted friend requests that had been out there "too long". I know this may come as a shock to a monomaniacal douche-nozzle like Mark Zuckerberg, but not everyone lives on Facebook 24/7. It could take two or even (gasp!) three days for someone to acknowledge a friend request.

In any case, I'm done with it. Again. Movin' on.

And those of us that are considered outcasts in our park have formed ourselves a little club. This should be fun. Most of what will be at that site will only make sense to the half-dozen year-rounders that live in the Evil Corner, but feel free to take a look.

We made a quick trip over to Epcot today to trade in our old-school paper-with-mag-strip annual passes for the ultra-modern, high-tech plastic-with-proximity-chip cards. Now we can get in line with the cool kids. It was about 90° when we got to the park, so after a couple trips through the single-rider line on Test Track: Tronitized Version, we decided we were done and headed for home. Now its nap time.

Monday, May 13, 2013

...and the Drama Continues

I think I started something. It needed to be started. The kerfuffle now involves about a dozen of us back here in the Sweetwater Evil Corner (SEC). Dale continues to pile lie on top of lie trying to cover his ass. The SEC Club had a meeting this morning going through e-mails and such to much hilarity. Good times.

We had our own bit of adventure yesterday trying to get building materials from Home Depot to our house. When we pulled into to parking lot, the rental truck was there. Being a Sunday, there was a pretty good chance that it wouldn't be, so we did a little happy dance, ran into the store and proceeded to buy $550 of building materials, none of which would fit in my stupid soccer-mom "SUV". When I went to rent the truck, I was informed that the truck was broke down. Crap. I asked about the van, which was also in the lot when we got there. Someone had just rented it and wasn't going to be back for at least 4 hours. Double crap. We had some other running to do, so we took what we could with us and left the rest at the store as a will-call. After we were done with our other running, we swung back by on the off-chance that the van had been returned early. Not only was the van not back, but the "broken-down" truck had been rented out. WTF?!?!?

So we got back here to the trailer and called up a fellow member of the SEC Club to see if he had time to run me up there in his truck so I could get my stuff home before Home Depot closed. He did, so we did, then a couple other SEC'ers came back and helped to unload everything. So it all worked out and now I have everything I need to get the Florida room ready for drywall. Today I had to take a break from inside work to mow the lawn around our place and the neighbors, but I should still be able to make some major progress over the next week.

That's it. Once I've done something visible, I'll post a couple pictures.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tried to Meet the New Park Manager...

We've been without a park manager since the last one disposed of her replacement, then retired and left the state on vacation. Carefree found someone to take over and they showed up sometime this week. One of our neighbors went up to the office to say, "Hi," and found out that there was a meet-and-greet with free food yesterday at 4:30. The person, lets just call him "Dale" for now, who was supposed to tell us about it had failed to, which is part of a pattern. See, we live in the "evil corner" of Sweetwater RV Park, according to Dale, so we didn't think much about not being invited. As we had been invited by the park manager herself, we went anyway. Well, this is what Dale posted on the park's Facebook page this morning:

81 carefree bingo players from Zephyrhills welcome our new manager at bingo night May 9th,2013. Despite an additional 14 non players (95 total) there was still plenty of food and drink. We welcome Kate Pierce to our park.

First of all, only about five of the bingo players were from any of the three Carefree parks (notice the capitalization, Dale), of which Sweetwater is one. Everyone else comes in from all over the county just to play bingo. They pay, so that's not a problem, but why would the park manager of Sweetwater want to meet a bunch of bingo players from outside the park? And why are the "14 non players" (guess they haven't invented the hyphen yet where you're from, eh Dale?), every last one of whom was actually from Sweetwater, being treated like a gang of gate-crashers when we paid for the damn food?

Here is my response on FB. I'm sure by the time you read this, Dale will have deleted it:

Sorry we crashed your little private bingo party, Dale. We thought as it was a meet-and-greet for Sweetwater's new park manager that it would be nice if there were at least a few people that, ya know, lived in the park? That and the insignificant fact that Kate herself invited us. But if we were soooooo much of a problem for you and your little bingo clique, I guess you can take it up with Kate.

If all this sounds like middle-school drama, you're not far off. Some people seem to regress mentally and emotionally as they age. Good times.

Northern Michigan Time Lapse

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Spock v. Spock

For any nerds out there:

Neither of us have felt well this week, so it's been a bit slow around here. Debbie is at the doctor today, and I'm supposed to be running electrical in the Florida room. Instead, I'm watching internet videos....

Friday, May 03, 2013


Living in Florida, you deal with this multiple times every day:

Men are generally stubborn and it only gets worse with age.

Edited to add:

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Updated Pics

I haven't posted a picture of our Simon and Garfunkel herb garden (plus tomato plant) in a while:

Looks good except I planted waaaay too much parsley.
So far, everything is doing well in the Florida climate. Summer may be a different story.

And a couple pics of the inside of the Florida room, which still looks like a construction site:

Finishing up on the inside so we have something to hang drywall from.

Cutting and fitting all those little bits of wood is a real pain; it takes forever and doesn't look like you've accomplished anything. But it's finally done. I still need to sort the electrical out; it should only take a day, but I'm sure there will be surprises. Big, ugly, nasty surprises.
We'll get settled some day. Maybe.

From the if-there-is-any-doubt-the-universe-has-a-sick-sense-of-humor department: Just because I was whinging about how dry it has been here, it has been raining pretty much since I posted that. Not a bad thing for the garden, but I need to mow the lawn again after just mowing it on Sunday. I'll be happy when there are more beds and less lawn.