Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Busy Weekend

Good Morning World!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday began with high school graduation. Ric, I and our niece Courtney headed to the school about 40 minutes early. It was kinda pleasant in the gym until it started to fill up....then it seemed like the air got sucked out. It was kinda fun trying to find the graduates after the ceremony outside to take some pics....we never did find all of them we wanted to. Headed back to the Hurd's to drop off Courtney so she could take off for work and we headed to the first of the open houses. Paula's was at the Mill Pond park....beautiful day for an outside gathering.

Sunday afternoon was another open house ... one of Courtney's friends(Kai) and one of the kids we consider like another niece to us. (this is the only open house so far we didn't stay long enough to get any graduation cake!) Ric had some shopping to do in TC and we had to get his Dad's birthday present at the nursery.....so we hung out for the rest of the afternoon. Got part of the shopping done, then had to head to Barker Creek before they closed for the day to pick out an apple tree. We got a really knowledgable guy to help us. Then loaded it up in the vehicle and headed to Ric's parents before they got home from church to "hide it behind the house" We got it put behind the house, watered good and then took off before we got caught in the yard. After getting home and trying to lay down for a nap, began to wonder if the tree got put in line of the bedroom window, decided too late to worry about it since they should be home in about 15min or so. We found out later when Don went to get ready for bed, he saw something out his window and called Shirley in to check it out, then had to go outside to see what it was for sure. Busted!!! :-) Oh well....it was a surprise, it was just sooner than we planned!

Monday (Memorial Day) we had a picnic at the Moser's with a bunch of people. The picnic gathering was double duty party for us....we also got cake/ice cream for Don's birthday and sang to him there. It was the weekend for birthdays...Don's was Friday, Denise's Sat and Mon was Zachary and Marge. I did get Zachary with his sister's help to give him his birthday spankings! We had another open house to hit ... great meatballs at this one! Another of our honorary "nieces" -- Mandy -- she went on the cruise last March with Courtney and had a blast. We have a couple more next Saturday . The weekend after is when Casey (another honorary niece) moves to California ... we will be so sad to see her go, but excited for her.

Other happenings this weekend....Nestina and her brother Adam headed to North Carolina sometime Sunday and called Ric Monday to say they got there okay. I hope all goes well with that move. In one house, will now be Mom and all her kids -- 2 boys and a girl. Good luck! I'm praying things here in Michigan may get back to what they should be. Of course, Ric is helping out in another crisis with his niece/nephew and sister's problems, but I will try to not let that sidetrack us.

Time to hit the shower and get ready for work....glad it is only a four day week! Hope everyone had a great weekend and didn't get too sunburned!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Tears in Heaven"

This month is the 14th anniversary of my Dad and my Godfather's deaths. Dad died on May 20th, Uncle Leo May 25th. Today after work while I was heading to TC, I was channel surfing on the radio. I found a good song and stopped. Then the next song was Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton I knew my Uncle was saying HI! This is the song that was played at his funeral. Every time I hear it -- I think of Leo -- sometimes smiling and with tears in my eyes. Him and my Dad were the jokers of the family. Also the "best polka dancers" -- if you danced with them -- you had to hold on for dear life -- they went so fast some of their partners feet would off the floor!

Other news in our life. Nestina came back from her European trip. She apparantely was a little disappointed in Venice, Italy but fell in love with some place in Germany (I believe it was Germany -- I haven't heard the story of her trip from her yet) Her brother Adam took a LONG INTERESTING bus trip up here from North Carolina. They will be packing her jeep up and heading down by Memorial Day.

Ric had surgery this past Tuesday to remove a bunch of polyps inside his nose. He has been having major problems for the past six months. Sinus infections and not being able to breathe thru his nose. The Dr said there were more polyps than he expected, but the surgery went fine. His nose is still a bit swollen today and sore, but the bloody drainage is slowing down finally. This should help him alot. Maybe he will even get his sense of smell back. Of course that can be a bad thing sometimes! :-)

Work has been work. Nothing much new there. Slow days most of the time.

Nothing new on the sale of our house/property. We did have somebody look at it in April, but nothing more since. Ric said this is his last winter up here, so I'm praying the place sells by fall. No idea where to after that .... tune in later and find out! Probably someplace with dry heat...not humid heat according to Ric. (Mom suggested Las Vegas! I'm sure company would love a free place to stay while visiting Vegas)

Thanks for those that posted a comment on the last entry. I enjoy seeing who is reading our blog --- even if I don't know you -- I like to see hits from different parts of the US and the world.

Have a great holiday weekend. We have high school graduation and some open houses Sat and a picnic/birthday party on Monday. I hope to have time to clean the house and get the paperwork caught up sometime. Oh well...there is always another day!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tell us who you are and where you are from

Hi Everyone!

I'm just plain curious. We have a live traffic map of the world and can see the last 100 hits on our blog. Some cities I can figure out who they are, most I'm clueless. I don't know if the ones that hit more than once are people we know or just strangers that like to check out our blog.

Would you take a few minutes and post a comment? Tell me your name and where you are from. I'm really curious about the one south of Minnesota, west of Tennesee that doesn't show up with a city/state. I've seen it before and just wondered who is over there that the map doesn't come through with your city and state. We have had foreign hits ... one from Spain in the last 50 visitors. You can post as anyomous...you don't have to have a blogger account...just post as anyomous and tell me Hi and your info.

Thanks to all of you out there ... here in Michigan -- Livonia, Climax, Williamsburg, Grand Rapids, Atlanta, Bancroft and other places like Buffalo NY, San Francisco, Sarasota FL, Charlotte NC, Malta OH, Nashville TN, York PA, Kohler WI, St Paul MN and Guilford Ct. Send me a comment ... I'd love to hear from you all even if just a quick HI!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

Unfortunately I'm not the one traveling today :-(

Nestina is flying out tonite to London, England. She is doing a 11 day European trip with Contiki Vacations. This tour company only takes 18-35yr old clients. She will be visiting 7 countries during this time. She will be flying home from Paris on 22May. I wish I would have known about this company when I was younger. They have alot of neat escorted trips. (Anybody want to book a trip -- just call me and I'll arrange it for you!)

I have somebody new sharing my bed. Deep dark eyes, lean, lots of hair, great teeth and loves the outdoors. His name is Jake. I'm taking care of him for a former coworker that is out of town. For those of you with your jaw on the ground and ready to tell everyone about Jake ..... he is a black/white dog! Gotcha! :-)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Homefront news

Well, it is done. Our house and most of the property is up for sale. (Yeah, we haven't even got the house completed yet!) Then last night, Ric sold his truck and plow and bought a new Durango. I guess this will truly be the last winter at our place -- or pay somebody else to plow to our house.

Work has been dead, plus I don't feel like working with all the stuff that is happening in my life. I feel so lost and alone and no motivation to continue on.

Time to get signed into work ... more later in the neverending saga of life.