Friday, March 24, 2023

Fun with Dick and Jane

Well, more like "Fun with Dick and Donna", but that doesn't make a click-bait-y enough of a headline. In response to my last e-mail to Sweetwater Sun RV "Resorts", dear friend Donna replied:

Mr. Frost,

When sending out the inspections, I include that if an extension is needed to please reach out as we are able to accommodate these requests to meet the needs of the residents while maintaining the unit in good condition.

These inspections are not intended to cause upset to anyone. They are a report that Sun has set up for residents and management to maintain communication of items that may need attention.

I am sorry if my email/inspection report caused upset. As I complete different tasks that are a part of my job, I always make efforts to be aware of messages sent and how they are received. I am always open to feedback as well as suggestions.

Please know I am here if you have any questions or concerns I can assist with.

Thank you,

My response:

Well, upset may not have been intended, but it certainly was achieved. It would have helped to actually talk to the residents before blind-siding us.

At this point, everything on our list is done except the awnings. Those will have to wait until we come back from Michigan around Memorial weekend.

Speaking of to-do lists, how are you coming along on yours?

I simply find it amazing that anyone could be concerned with the appearance of my awnings or that I have (and have had for over 10 years) a compost bin when every day I am forced to look at this:

Tuesday, March 21, 2023


I'm sure everyone has noticed. Everywhere you go, in big ways and small, everyone else seems to have been massively enstupidated. People driving, people in stores, government at all levels. Where have all the smart people gone?

I had an interesting conversation with my doctor about how screwed up health care is. He blamed the new system where doctors are required to see 30 or more patients a day instead of 10-12 back in the 1970's. Which means we are all paying more and getting less so that a pile of MBA's who wouldn't know a stethoscope from a rectal thermometer can be paid far more than the front line staff that do all the work. 

OK so maybe "incompetence" is the wrong word. Maybe its just fatigue?

Here in the US, we can't seem to be able to figure out how to run a railroad at least as well as we did in the days of steam locomotives. We can't replace the lead pipes that are contaminating the residents of more than 2,000 cities.We can't keep up our roads. We can't attain the same level of literacy that we managed back in the days of the one-room schoolhouse.

It's not, however, just the United States. Germany seems intent on destroying its manufacturing capability. France used to get a higher percentage of its electricity from nuclear than any other country, yet they no longer seem to know how to keep them running. In Greece, over 140 people are dead due to a train collision that is being blamed on "Human Error". They are still sifting the wreckage for bodies, but some plebeian has already been arrested and charged with manslaughter. 

We can blame all sorts of things: budget cuts, privatization, global warming. But in my book, it all comes back to incompetence. All these supposedly smart people can't figure out that if you work somebody for 16 hours straight, they are going to fuck up? And that said fuck-up will cost far more than just hiring enough people to do the work? I don't care if the trains (or whatever) are government owned and operated or are privatized. The people running things should be smart enough to figure these things out. Deferred maintenance always leads to some disaster that costs more than what was saved. Google "deferred maintenance" if you don't believe me. Study after study after study has shown that after 6-8 hours people are no longer accomplishing anything, and after 10 hours they are in negative territory. And yet, odds are that the next time you go to the ER, both your nurse and doctor will have been there for at least 12 hours. Why? Because it makes the next quarterly statements look good. If patients are injured or even killed, so what? The MBA's already got their bonuses. 

This is how people think in every industry: healthcare, higher ed, manufacturing, meat packing, etc. Employees are tools to be used up, worn out then disposed of because there will always be someone desperate enough to take their place. No thought is ever given to who is injured or killed.

This is what our universities are teaching our kids how to run a business. What moron came up with this? Why did this spread to every MBA program? Talk about the inmates being in charge of the asylum.

Holy crap; this got way too long. I'll shut up now.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Covid Criminals

If you have been injured by the Covid "vaccines" or know of someone injured or killed by them, you need to contact Dr. David E. Martin. He has a team that is working with local sheriffs and district attorneys  to bring criminal charges against medical groups, etc. These are not civil cases that result in some pansy-ass fine; these are criminal prosecutions for  reckless endangerment, negligent homicide and premeditated murder. You can listen to his interview with James Kunstler here.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Bye Bye, Dilbert

Going all the way back to the very beginnings of this site, when it was hand-coded html on a server running on my PC over a dial-up connection, I have always had a link to Dilbert cartoons. That changed today when Scott Adams decided that Dilbert was so damn funny I would pay some outrageous sum every month just for the privilege of reading it. I assumed this was going to happen as soon as his original site started whinging about the fact that I run an ad-blocker in my browser. As of 8am this morning, it happened.

Sorry, Scott. I have no problem paying for content. I support several of the links over on the right side of this page. But I will be damned if I will pay for a cartoon that, frankly, seems to have lost its edge in recent years. Probably has something to do with you no longer being Dilbert and becoming the pointy-haired boss.

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

More Sweetwater Drama

I sent the following e-mail to our dearest friend Donna V. who is the Sun RV "Resorts" employee responsible for the "site inspections" at the end of last month:

Subject: Your to-do list for lot 289A

First off, there is simply no way we will be able to get all the items completed by March 13. This is a completely ludicrous deadline in which to complete both our list and the one you gave to my disabled parents (lot 163).

Removing the concrete (from both lots) is currently being worked on and should be done before we leave to take my parents to Michigan at the end of April. Painting the awnings will simply have to wait until we return later this spring. (Yes, never fear. We will be leaving my parents to fend for themselves in Michigan so we can come back down here and paint our awnings (after you approve of our color choice, naturally).)

May I add that I find this entire exercise to be despicable. I'm not a religious person, but I now pray every day that when you are 90 and dying from cancer like my father, that some snot-nosed little twit makes your life as miserable as you are making it for this park's elderly and/or disabled residents.

I had Debbie read it before I hit send. After she was done I asked her, "Soooooo, do we just start packing now, or do we wait to get kicked out?"

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Enough Is Never Enough

Today's Savage Chickens:


"Enough is never enough" is the corporate motto for Sweetwater Sun RV "Resort".