Monday, February 27, 2023

Dear Sweetwater Sun RV Resort

Thank you for being a valued member of Sweetwater Sun RV management. The Residents are conducting our Annual Pride of Ownership park-wide inspections. The Residents will be conducting these inspections to ensure the beauty and upkeep of our gorgeous community. These inspections are simply a list that you, the management, need to address.

Please understand we are inspecting all common areas within the community. You may see Residents walking around the office, clubhouse, pool, etc. Rest assured that all Residents will have cameras and will be carefully documenting everything, including interactions with management.

Our intent is for management to be aware of community standards. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you.

Richard L. Frost

Lot 289A


Annual Common Areas Inspection

Inspection Date: 02/27/2023  Inspected By: Richard L. Frost

Inspection Number: 73569

Please address the noted items below by the due dates listed. Reinspection will follow these dates. If there are reasons these due dates will not work for you, please contact the person listed above. Thank you; Residents

Area Details Due Date
Fencing Rotted/Broken/Missing boards
North side
Fencing Mangled
West side of retention pond
Retention Pond Garbage
North side of retention pond
Weeds Overgrown
North & west side of retention pond
Landscape Cedars-Langley Ln-Overgrown
EMS vehicles and medical
delivery trucks are unable to access

Please note that this is likely to prove to be a partial list, but we the Residents are confident that this will keep the management busy for some time.

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