Monday, September 28, 2020

Our Efficient Government at Work

It's nice to see our government is capable of being streamlined and efficient in the face of a world-wide pandemic.


 Warp Speed indeed....

Saturday, September 19, 2020

More BLM Stupidity

So the latest stupid thing from the BLM assholes is that they want to have their own cities and national anthem. I'm completely on board with that as long as:

The blacks-only cities are not tied into our national power grid. Make your own damn electricity. You might want to try solar panels. I hear they work really well at night....

The blacks-only cities are not tied into water or sewer systems located outside of the city borders. We literally don't want to deal with your shit. Incidentally, this was one of the many "oversights" of the stupid CHOP thing. "We are autonomous! Wait; what do you mean your not going to clean out our shit houses?"

Negotiate your own trade deals for all the stuff you can't make yourself (which is pretty much everything other than misspelled protest signs). 

While you're at it, set up your own internet and get the hell off of ours.

We'll let you keep all the millionaire crybabies that used to be professional athletes. As has been made obvious by all the booing at games and the tanking of the TV ratings, we are completely over paying $100 to watch a bunch of pampered assholes play a game. And no, we don't give a shit what someone who gets paid to play a game (and in the case of football players, has brain damage to boot) thinks about politics.

And you can take all your white, liberal handlers with you into your all-black autonomous zones because as we all know, race is just a social construct. So if someone says they are black, they must be black. (As opposed to Native American, where you have to show, ya know actual genetic proof. I'm looking in your direction, Elizabeth Warren....)

I know I sound like a broken record, but how stupid do you have to be to think this could end in anything but disaster for blacks in the US? What is basically being proposed here is a return to Jim Crow. All the blacks (and whites) who risked, and in many cases lost, everything to get rid of blacks-only bathrooms and all the rest of the "separate but equal" bullshit are spinning in their graves.

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