Friday, February 12, 2021

The New Day Dawns

I was going to post earlier, but things kept seeming to resolve, then go spinning off in some other insane direction. So lets dive right in with the latest in...

Trump Derangement Syndrome

All anyone in the media has been able to focus on for the last five years is Donald J. Trump. It's like the entire universe simply froze in place while Nancy Pelosi et. al. screamed, "ORANGE MAN BAD!!!" nonstop for the last five years. They claim that their man Sleepy Joe won the election, and contrary to all expectations The Donald vacated the White House and SJ was sworn in as the next president without any incident. You won. You got everything you wanted. SO WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING ABOUT TRUMP!!! Even liberals I consider to be intelligent and articulate like Jon Katz keep saying that they are done talking about Trump, then less than 24 hours later, they are at it again! This whole farce of an impeachment trial is the same thing. The dude is out of office! Quit talking about him! But no! We're going to interrupt programming on every TV station and show videos that will make America understand how we feel! How all that hate directed at us makes us soooo sad!

Funny how these same assholes don't care how a shopkeeper in Portland feels watching his entire life's work and savings go up in smoke while the cops stand down and do nothing.

January 6th

What happened at the Capital building was a riot. It was not a coup attempt. It was not an insurrection. Those things require the participation of at least a portion of the military. Ya want to know what isn't a coup? Some dude in a viking hat taking selfies. Some dumb ass walking out with the speakers lectern. These people were so stupid, they live-streamed themselves committing multiple felony crimes. The thing that is either hilarious or just plain sad; at the one point in the nation's entire history when it would have been acceptable for everyone to wear a mask, I didn't see more than a dozen people with masks on. Now let me get this straight: I go to the capital, not wearing any sort of mask, wear face paint and viking horns, take lots of selfies while committing multiple felony crimes, post them on social media, brag about being there on social media, find myself in someone else's videos or photos on social media and tag it with a "THIS IS ME!" That is not a coup.

Meanwhile in Myanmar....

Big Tech Censorship

For years, there have been some who saw this day coming. Thanks to unchecked consolidation in the tech industry, no one can run a business or even run a humble little blog like this one without being entirely dependent on Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft (typically it will be several of those). For a long time, that power was not really used and everyone grew complacent. Then Alex Jones got cancelled. No one much cared, so Big Tech grew bolder by the minute. Now they are banning people wholesale by the thousands and the tens of thousands. Most times, they don't even give a fig leaf of an excuse; people are just disappeared. After Trump was banned from Twitter, hundreds of thousands signed up for Parler. So Twitter and Amazon and Apple and Google all conspired to eliminate Twitter's primary competitor. The excuse was that Parler was used to plan the Capital "insurrection", but the fear was that Trump would open an account on Parler and then it would be bye bye tweety bird. Gab was also threatened with extinction if they didn't adopt a TOS similar to Twitter and Facebook.

So for now, liberals have control of the news, the internet, the presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate. What will they do with it? So far, they've mostly stabbed their constituents in the back, got into verbal cat fights with each other, and walked back every promise made in the campaign. ($2,000 checks? No No No dear man; you misunderstood. We said $1,400 checks. Send out the checks on day one? No No No dear man; you must realize we have to impeach Trump! So it's really all his fault you won't get your check until March or April or never. He made us impeach him!)

In other words, Democrats doing what Democrats always do when in power: nothing constructive.

Politics in the US has always been a pendulum swinging left to right inside fairly tight constraints. Trump gave that pendulum such a hard swing to the right it actually did real damage to our civic life. Now the pendulum has come thundering back to the left on an even wilder swing with active censorship, talk of lists of people in need of "deprogramming" and "deradicalization"; pretty much the whole Marxist shtick. As I said back in 2016, what comes next will destroy whatever remains of our traditional civic structure.If we are very, very lucky, we get Marcus Antony. More likely we will get someone like Nero.

Voting Irregularities

Something no one is allowed to talk about, or even think about. Unlike every election in the 3,000 years of democracy, this election was absolutely perfect with not a stray ballot from sea to shining sea. Even though it is a simple fact that anything with a computer chip can be hacked, God and his angels had their hands upon every voting machine, every vote tabulator, every Excel spreadsheet preventing any of them from being hacked and preserving, nay fortifying our democracy.

Now the explosive revelation in Time magazine that out betters, those individuals appointed by the Lord on High worked their fingers to the bone throughout 2020 fortifying our democracy by ensuring that American made the correct choice on November 3rd.

Vaccine Woes 

We still haven't gotten even the first jab, while people our age in other states have already had both. Florida is still trying to vaccinate the over-65 crowd which is about 3/5ths of Florida's population. The health department is supposed to be coming around to the parks and poking everyone over 65, but still no firm date when that is supposed to happen. At the rate things are going, we'll probably get ours up in Michigan if we ever get one. 

Like any vaccine, there are going to to adverse reactions, side effects, even deaths. A smart country would carefully track such things and report them publicly. We are not a smart country. We do everything we can to suppress any discussion of negative vaccine outcomes. Because like elections in America, our vaccines are absolutely 100% effective with no side effects whatsoever. None. Because Jesus himself made it and any criticism of the vaccine is therefore a criticism of Jesus. Why do you hate Jesus so much?

I could go on (and on and on...) but it's already 2am and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Find me on Gab (@rlfrost) and we'll stare awkwardly at each others' shoes. If this blog disappears real sudden like, it means they got me.....