Sunday, April 30, 2006

2 Weddings, 1 funeral and a surgery

Hi All! This will be a lengthy post since nobody has posted much this month.

I went to a funeral of a young guy right after Easter. He was the brother of one of Ric's soccer girls and the grandson of a close couple at church. It was overwhelming to see the turn out for the funeral ... basically filled the funeral home, the porch and front lawn. This family means alot to the community and they all came together to show their support for them. It is tough to know just what to say, but a hug does wonders. My prayers are still with them and my shoulder is hear to cry on and my ears are hear to listen.

Don (Ric's Dad) came home from Florida and finally had his surgery that didn't end up happening last year before they left for Florida. He ended up having a double hernia surgery this past Wed. Everything went well and he is home and doing good. (I'm hoping he didn't overdo it for the Trout Festival!)

Now on to the weddings.....two Sat in a downstate, one upstate. Both were girls in our wedding the flowergirl, the other the junior bridesmaid.

Jamie's (my flowegirl) was April 22nd. It went well and had a few different things and a surprise. Her flowergirl wore the dress Jamie wore in my wedding. (I'm surprised she kept it all this time) Jamie's dad is deceased and they did a couple special things at the wedding/reception. At the wedding, they had a candle on the unity candle table with Jim's picture on it. After the kids lit their unity candle, Jamie lit the candle with her Dad's picture on it. At the reception hall, they had a "memory table" with pictures (and name cards) of those special people in their lives that had died. Jamie's Dad and Grandpa were at the front of the table. The surprise for Jamie was great! The kids used Jamie's parent's wedding rings. Jamie knew about using her Dad's ring to give to Josh, but didn't know that she was getting her Mom's ring. We wondered why when she starting to cry when he put the ring on her finger... we found out later why it was so special.

Yesterday, my cousin Sara got married. It was a gorgeous wedding. Sara looked so special in her dress. The surprise at her wedding ended up being about her parents. Rob came into the "girls room" looking for Barb. He got down on one knee and gave her a ring and asked her to marry him (again). I guess he said he didn't do it right the first time! There went the girls' makeup! Touch up time! Mom and I missed it since we were taking pictures of the guys. I'm looking forward to seeing somebody's pictures of that special moment. The wedding and reception went well ... only one light moment during the ceremony. Adam was repeating his vows after the minister and repeat them he did ... even when he said "I took Sara to be my lawful wedded husband!" They got it corrected, but it lightened the moment for a minute or two. Aunt Barb was well enough to get out on the dance floor and do the alligator for most of the song. (I of course, had to be out there with her also since Ric wasn't there to do it with her) (Boy, does one of my knees hurt today!)

Last, but not least: I want to thank all of my family for being there for me. I love you and not sure what I would do without you all. I also want to thank two special couples from church that have been there for me from the beginning of this mess. Thanks Kim and Matt and Tammi and Tom. And thanks to the others at the church that are now praying for things in my life. I appreciate you all.

I hope everyone out there in cyberworld has a great week. I am going to try to. Hope you hear from you with a comment here, a phone call, an email or snail mail.

Love, Debbie :-)

Saturday, April 08, 2006




Happy Birthdays

Grandpa Vargason and Courtney Hurd

Courtney turned the big 18 today! We are celebrating her birthday tomorrow so her grandparents could be here (they were in Flint for Grandpa V's birthday get together) I hope it all goes well...we will have lots of food and some great cheesecake since Courtney is not a big fan of regular cake.

I just got back from visiting with my Mom. Friday I headed down to Mt Pleasant to meet her and 8 other ladies to see Tom Jones in concert. We had about 1/2 of our group that have never seen him before. Mom got us GREAT seats....we were to the right side of center stage ... tables right at the stage. I could reach out and touch him if I wanted to! He put on a great concert. We headed back to Birch Run to drop off some of the riders and I headed to Mom's. I was soo tired I forgo going with them to the Exit for a piece of pie! I dropped my stuff in the bedroom, got ready for bed, and hit the pillow and was out before Mom came home. I did not hear her come in at all. I usually don't fall asleep that fast, but haven't been sleeping too well lately and stressed out, so it must have caught up with me finally.

We had a nice visit when she got up, then headed to Culver's for lunch (so I could try the frozen custard that is talked about so much!), then I headed back up north. I still had shopping to do for the party in TC, so alot of driving in the past two days. I still have to make some stuff tonite to be ready for the party before I can relax for the night. I was also debating about heading to Kalkaska and Courtney's house to clean up some tonite. I think I'll wait and go in the morning before church and do some then.

More later....for those that are still reading this. I know Ric isn't too active anymore on the blog for some reason... send him an email or post a comment and he'll get it.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy April Fool's Day

Good day everyone out in cyberland. Did anyone pull any good April Fool's Jokes (or have one pulled on you?!) I am alone and had to work today (alone), so no good jokes. Ric and Nestina loaded up the truck with most of her stuff and headed out this morning for North Carolina to drop it all off (plus the cat) at her brother's place. Ric called around 5p and they were just heading out of Ohio .... Ohio must be one of the longest states to get thru. They didn't get as early a start as Ric wanted, but that was okay ... at least he got about 3 1/2hrs sleep before attempting a 14-15hr roadtrip. They should be down there around 10-11p, maybe unload tonite or wait til tomorrow, relax more tomorrow and head out first thing Monday morning to head home.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers this past week and a half. They were (and are) greatly appreciated. God does answer our prayers! I'm not sure what I would have done this past week and a half without my friends and my Mom. Thanks everybody!!!

Well, time to turn up the radio and start to clean up the mess upstairs left by muddy tracks and packing and no cleaning in a long time. You should see the dust bunnies and the cat hair ... I think I saw a baby Gabriel earlier!