Saturday, April 01, 2023

Another Post About Random Stuff

I decided I was bored posting about my on-gong battle with my corporate over-lords here at Sweetwater Sun RV "Resort", which means my five readers are probably bored with it as well. On to bigger and better [sic!] things.

First, thoughts and prayers for everyone affected by yesterday's storms. Talk about completely crazy; the last day of March and we have killer tornadoes covering most of the central part of the country. This is something that happens in July or August, not March. Here in Florida, we've been baking in 90+ degree heat and no rain for the last couple weeks. We didn't used to have weather like this even in the middle of summer. Eighty degrees and 100% humidity? Sure. But never in the 90's. And this is technically not even summer yet. I have a feeling that it ain't just politics that are going to be violent and chaotic this summer....

Of course thoughts and prayers to the families of those shot at the Covenant School in Tennessee. Once again, someone with obvious mental issues buys guns and ammo, and takes out their rage on some 9-year-old kids. Like the shooting in Texas, I'm willing to bet that eventually all sorts of people will come forward that suspected this person was seriously disturbed. Cops are doing their damnedest to hide her manifesto and other materials found at her home. I wonder why that is? Hmmmmm. What almost no one is talking about is the call from the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN; get it? How clever!) for a Day of Vengeance to stop the "genocide" of the trans pervs. Imagine the cries of outrage if, say, the KKK called for a Day of Vengeance against blacks for the "genocide" of Whites?

However, the most important story (based on sheer numbers of talking heads screeching at full volume) is the indictment of Donald Trump. Everyone with five minutes of law school under their belt will tell you this whole mess is bogus. I've heard a great many theories about why this is being done. I don't buy that it is to keep him from running (it doesn't) or even winning (which is also doesn't). Interesting little fact; being a convicted felon serving time does not prevent you from being President. So why is this happening? It certainly isn't hurting The Donald in the polls; he's putting up bigger number now that he was even just a few weeks ago. He has pulled way ahead of DeSantis for the Republican nomination and is polling even with Biden for the general election. Is it to provoke Trump supporters into another January 6th so Democratic governors/mayors can call up the National Guard and start killing people? Would the National Guard kill protestors, or would they join them? Now that is an interesting question.

On the personal front, we are getting ready to drive my parents up to Michigan. We will only be staying until the Monday before Memorial Day. With all my medical crap there is simply no way I can keep doing this crazy snowbird thing. Every summer some major medical thing goes wrong while I'm 1,000 miles from my doctors, clinics, etc. Last summer, I nearly lost vision in one eye. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I hope the rest of my family steps up, but I have serious doubts that they have any idea of the amount of work we've been doing for the last few years.

The real solution to all that is to get my parents off their little homestead out in the middle of nowhere and get them in closer to doctors, church, family, friends, etc. We tried to convince them to sell out and move to Florida permanently. Pooling resources, we could find a nice place that is big enough for the four of us to live in and each have our own private space. It was a no-go. My fear is that the only thing that will convince them they need to move is some sort of tragedy, like one of them falling and no one around to help. Maybe leaving them there on their own will be enough to convince them? I seriously doubt it. We'll see.

Well, that's all I have for the moment. Now I just have to dream up some sort of nifty title....