Sunday, October 14, 2018

Still Playing Around

A month later, I finally got back to this and I just ran into my first road-block. There is a limit on the size of the link list. It's about four entries short of what I need. That sucks. I use my link list every day. I could purge some links, but I've already got it down about as short as I can make it. There are a couple that can go, but I don't know that I can eliminate four entries. And then what? Every time I find something new to read I have to delete something else?


Maybe one of the paid themes? Paid upgrade? Dunno.

[Later] And the answer is.... Money. Like always. But at least it isn't too obscene; $20 a year and we get a lot more than just a longer link list.The biggie is getting rid of ads. We don't see them because we run AdBlock Plus in our browsers, but just in case anyone else ever pays attention to this thing, I'd rather not have them blasted with ads for boner pills and sex toys.