Friday, April 21, 2017

Quick Update

My CLL kicked in big time around the first of February and has me completely beat down. I'm sleeping 14-16 hours a day and have absolutely no energy whatsoever, which is why this place has been so neglected.

One thing we are learning first-hand is that James Kunstler is right; the entire medical industrial complex is a criminal racket. From where I sit, I can see no practical or moral difference between what we've been put through the last couple months and Al Capone's reign in Chicago a century ago. The main difference is that at least Uncle Al had a fairly competent organization. These asshats around here can't get anything right. The lab can't figure out how to run the test the doctor ordered. When I ended up admitted to the hospital, I had to correct the nurse on duty every hour on the hour as to what medications I was on, how much I take and when. Some stupid bitch PA tried to kill me by prescribing 40mg of prednisone twice a day. It took me a month to get my blood sugar down low enough that my meter would display something other than "HI", not to mention that my immune system was already in complete collapse and I have an irregular heart beat. At least my hematologist seems to have his crap together. He's the only reason I'm still alive.

Anyway, things will likely be quiet here as I have to wait another two weeks or so before possibly starting on some drug that is supposed to help. Of course the side effects of the drug will have me puking up my guts, crapping my pants and possibly bleeding to death because I shave with a blade instead of an electric razor. Sounds like good times.