Monday, February 27, 2023

The Beat Goes On

Update on the Project Veritas Pfizer-killer video. I said nearly a month ago that I suspected that the whole thing was a set-up. Nailed It!!! Pfizer was strangely silent about the whole thing. Then BANG. James O'Keefe, CEO and founder of Project Veritas is out on his ass. The nominal reason is that he treated his employees like shit. Hell, he even stole a pregnant woman's sandwich!! Now, having worked for asshole bosses in toxic work environments (my last job nearly killed me and put me out on permanent disability) I get that O'Keefe maybe needed to go. But the timing is a bit suspicious. I've seen many people trying to create some sort of financial tie between Project Veritas and Pfizer, but it may have been as simple as someone at Pfizer picking up the phone and calling in a favor from someone on Project Veritas's board or one of their major funders. Most people don't seem to understand how incestuous things are among the elites. Everyone is married to, or related to, or went to college with, or golfs with someone who can pull strings when needed. Good news is, the GOP seems to be on the case! We should get the truth any day now! [snicker]

Not that anyone cares about that or Chinese balloons anymore. We have a train crash resulting in what is looking like one of the worst environmental disasters in the entire history of the United States. As usual, the government and the MSM tried to sweep it all under the rug (going as far as arresting a reporter for asking questions), but the story was just too damn big. This is where things are at this point (AFAIK, of course)

  • Liquid toxins are in streams and rivers, feeding the Ohio River. The entire mess is slowly moving downstream poisoning the drinking water of... well... likely millions of people.
  • Nobody is sure exactly what was dumped. I'm guessing that the tanker cars were stuck on the end of an already too long train at the last minute. No hazardous materials protocols were followed and the train manifest does not list what was in the tanker cars.
  • The proximate cause was a wheel literally falling off. Well, OK a bearing overheated and caused the axle to break. But the wheels falling off is close enough. The root cause is, of course, greed. Specifically eliminating 30% of the workforce which means routine maintenance isn't being done on the rolling stock.
  • That same greed and workforce reduction also means the tracks are in terrible condition. The NTSB doesn't list track conditions as a factor, but it wouldn't surprise me if at some future date when everyone has moved on to another crises that they will add poor track conditions to the list of causes.
  • That same greed and workforce reduction is why the train was nearly 2 miles long. Several engineers have already stated publicly that it is impossible for a train that long to be under control under the best of circumstances. 
  • One of the reasons that I strongly suspect the tanker cars were stuck onto the train at the last minute is because not only was the manifest not updated, but having full tanker cars at the back of the train is a big no-no.
  • The poison is not just traveling down the Ohio River, but thanks to the tanker cars catching fire followed by the "controlled" burn, they are air born as well. Reports of dead livestock and pets are coming in from approximately a 100-mile radius around the crash. Toxins have been detected as far north as Canada, east to New York City and Boston, and south to Tennessee.
  • It was exactly the issues that lead to this crash that the railroad workers were threatening to strike over. But good ol' Joe Biden, friend of the working man and defender of unions signed a bill making a rail strike a crime.
  • Speaking of Uncle Joe, it was a nice move refusing to visit East Palestine, Ohio and going over to the Ukraine instead. Nice to see what his priorities are.
  • The MSM keeps trying to blame Trump, which is true as far as it goes. Biden and Pete Buttplug have had two-plus years to reverse Trumps executive order loosening regulation of the railroads
  • The company hired by the railroad to test residents' water and soil in East Palestine will only test if the residents sign a form that states they cannot sue the railroad (or anyone else) if they have some medical issue like cancer years from now. Biden, that hero of the little man, has stated that he's is completely on board with this.
  • Trump recently delivered food and water for East Palestine residents. Meanwhile FEMA is a complete no-show..
If my brain wasn't sleep-deprived, I could likely make a much longer list, but you get the idea. I'm hoping the worst has dissipated when we have to drive through Ohio in a couple months.

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