Wednesday, March 08, 2023

More Sweetwater Drama

I sent the following e-mail to our dearest friend Donna V. who is the Sun RV "Resorts" employee responsible for the "site inspections" at the end of last month:

Subject: Your to-do list for lot 289A

First off, there is simply no way we will be able to get all the items completed by March 13. This is a completely ludicrous deadline in which to complete both our list and the one you gave to my disabled parents (lot 163).

Removing the concrete (from both lots) is currently being worked on and should be done before we leave to take my parents to Michigan at the end of April. Painting the awnings will simply have to wait until we return later this spring. (Yes, never fear. We will be leaving my parents to fend for themselves in Michigan so we can come back down here and paint our awnings (after you approve of our color choice, naturally).)

May I add that I find this entire exercise to be despicable. I'm not a religious person, but I now pray every day that when you are 90 and dying from cancer like my father, that some snot-nosed little twit makes your life as miserable as you are making it for this park's elderly and/or disabled residents.

I had Debbie read it before I hit send. After she was done I asked her, "Soooooo, do we just start packing now, or do we wait to get kicked out?"


Frank said...

Sounds like elder abuse and disability discrimination!

Ric said...

Yep; sounds that way to me too. Now if I can just convince a lawyer....