Friday, March 24, 2023

Fun with Dick and Jane

Well, more like "Fun with Dick and Donna", but that doesn't make a click-bait-y enough of a headline. In response to my last e-mail to Sweetwater Sun RV "Resorts", dear friend Donna replied:

Mr. Frost,

When sending out the inspections, I include that if an extension is needed to please reach out as we are able to accommodate these requests to meet the needs of the residents while maintaining the unit in good condition.

These inspections are not intended to cause upset to anyone. They are a report that Sun has set up for residents and management to maintain communication of items that may need attention.

I am sorry if my email/inspection report caused upset. As I complete different tasks that are a part of my job, I always make efforts to be aware of messages sent and how they are received. I am always open to feedback as well as suggestions.

Please know I am here if you have any questions or concerns I can assist with.

Thank you,

My response:

Well, upset may not have been intended, but it certainly was achieved. It would have helped to actually talk to the residents before blind-siding us.

At this point, everything on our list is done except the awnings. Those will have to wait until we come back from Michigan around Memorial weekend.

Speaking of to-do lists, how are you coming along on yours?

I simply find it amazing that anyone could be concerned with the appearance of my awnings or that I have (and have had for over 10 years) a compost bin when every day I am forced to look at this:

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