Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Fruits

Not technically the very first, but Debbie grabbed and ate the first one before I had a chance to get the camera:

Fresh from the garden and still warm from the sun.

Turns out that tomatoes are difficult to photograph. At least with our camera. The stupid thing refused to focus for some reason. Out of a dozen shots, this was the best of the lot. It worked fine the last time we had it out, so I likely need to take an hour or so and check every button, knob, switch and menu setting to see what the deal is. In any case, we have our first-ever home-grown tomato for Debbie to munch on.

When I'm not pouring gallons of water on our tomato plant in an attempt to keep it alive, I've been working on the insulation in the Florida room. I had to pull out the old, moldy, insect-infested open cell foam, clean up the black mold, seal up the hundred-and-one places I could just look outside through the wall, and remove most of the electrical wiring. But it's all in and already making a big different. I'll be putting in some wood so I have something to hang drywall from, then adding another inch-and-a-half of polyisocyanurate in the wall cavities. That will give me R-14 walls. Then some plywood in key spots to increase the odds that the place won't fall over in a wind storm, level up the rest of the wall with still more polyiso, then the fun stuff: Drywall. Ugh. Might hire that done....

Here is what it looks like so far:

The worst part was working around the hot water heater. I told the installers to leave me some room, but they were a bunch of skinny kids. I should have specified that I needed old, fat guy room. It took a lot of gruntin', sweatin' and cussin' to get that foam back there.

Oh, and if you wonder what happened, I've already deleted my Facebook account. It took about a week for me to remember all the reasons why I got off the worthless thing in the first place. The kicker was when it wouldn't let me log on until I retracted friend requests that had been out there "too long". I know this may come as a shock to a monomaniacal douche-nozzle like Mark Zuckerberg, but not everyone lives on Facebook 24/7. It could take two or even (gasp!) three days for someone to acknowledge a friend request.

In any case, I'm done with it. Again. Movin' on.

And those of us that are considered outcasts in our park have formed ourselves a little club. This should be fun. Most of what will be at that site will only make sense to the half-dozen year-rounders that live in the Evil Corner, but feel free to take a look.

We made a quick trip over to Epcot today to trade in our old-school paper-with-mag-strip annual passes for the ultra-modern, high-tech plastic-with-proximity-chip cards. Now we can get in line with the cool kids. It was about 90° when we got to the park, so after a couple trips through the single-rider line on Test Track: Tronitized Version, we decided we were done and headed for home. Now its nap time.

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