Friday, May 10, 2013

Tried to Meet the New Park Manager...

We've been without a park manager since the last one disposed of her replacement, then retired and left the state on vacation. Carefree found someone to take over and they showed up sometime this week. One of our neighbors went up to the office to say, "Hi," and found out that there was a meet-and-greet with free food yesterday at 4:30. The person, lets just call him "Dale" for now, who was supposed to tell us about it had failed to, which is part of a pattern. See, we live in the "evil corner" of Sweetwater RV Park, according to Dale, so we didn't think much about not being invited. As we had been invited by the park manager herself, we went anyway. Well, this is what Dale posted on the park's Facebook page this morning:

81 carefree bingo players from Zephyrhills welcome our new manager at bingo night May 9th,2013. Despite an additional 14 non players (95 total) there was still plenty of food and drink. We welcome Kate Pierce to our park.

First of all, only about five of the bingo players were from any of the three Carefree parks (notice the capitalization, Dale), of which Sweetwater is one. Everyone else comes in from all over the county just to play bingo. They pay, so that's not a problem, but why would the park manager of Sweetwater want to meet a bunch of bingo players from outside the park? And why are the "14 non players" (guess they haven't invented the hyphen yet where you're from, eh Dale?), every last one of whom was actually from Sweetwater, being treated like a gang of gate-crashers when we paid for the damn food?

Here is my response on FB. I'm sure by the time you read this, Dale will have deleted it:

Sorry we crashed your little private bingo party, Dale. We thought as it was a meet-and-greet for Sweetwater's new park manager that it would be nice if there were at least a few people that, ya know, lived in the park? That and the insignificant fact that Kate herself invited us. But if we were soooooo much of a problem for you and your little bingo clique, I guess you can take it up with Kate.

If all this sounds like middle-school drama, you're not far off. Some people seem to regress mentally and emotionally as they age. Good times.


Wanda Faith said...

Dale changed the word "non-players" to "visitors" and that did NOT improve his comments regarding the meet-n-greet at all. I was glad to see that Larry, Linda Durland and I posted our remarks on the SW Facebook page. I'm hoping that someone in Arizona is paying attention.

Ric said...

Well, if corporate isn't aware already, they will be before I'm done with this.