Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Short Break

Just a few things while I take a five-minute breather from reading some of the most boring crap in my life. But I should be able to finish up today and tomorrow is writing day; a quiz, several discussion posts, a 3-page paper, and two one-page papers. None of them are difficult, so there shouldn't be a problem getting them done and turned in tomorrow. That frees up the weekend so we can go wander around someplace, assuming the weather cooperates. If not, we may just have another lazy weekend.

Even with all the cash looking for a home, the Brits couldn't find enough buyers at their bond auction. Now what? I keep asking this question and not finding an answer.

If I had more time, I'd say more about this, but a few points:
If teenagers in bras is child porn, then every teenager on every beach and at every pool in the country, plus anyone within view of them, needs to be arrested next summer.
I know there are variations from state-to-state and even county-to-county, but tits ain't porn unless sexual activity is depicted or insinuated.
Giving teenagers the choice between agreeing to a government reeducation camp or a felony charge sounds more like Soviet Russia than the country I grew up in. Not that that country has existed in decades....
The purpose of child porn laws is to prevent children from being exploited by adults. How one exploits one's self isn't clear to me.


And somewhere Gene Roddenberry is smiling:

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