Friday, June 06, 2008

Big Random Post

I haven't done one of these in a while. I figured all you skimmers out there could use the practice (staring your direction, bubby....).

I'll kick things off with a video of the first-ever crash of a B-2 Stealth. The cause was water in the sensors. I guess the rumors that B-2's can't be flown in the rain have some merit after all?

On the economic front, The Dow dropped nearly 400 points today, oil set a new record, and May had the largest increase in unemployment in 22 years. Not bad for a Friday. Markets are closed until Monday, which means either that people calm down over the weekend and we will see a market rally, or people sit and stew over the weekend and we have another Black Monday. I don't know about anyone else, but the Grey Goose sitting in the refrigerator is looking better by the minute. Today was the slowest day since I started working at the bakery, and I haven't worked at the restaurant since last Saturday. And even then, it was a waste of my time to be there; I worked less than three hours. This isn't a little blip; this is 30 years of chickens coming home to roost. Of course, Uncle George is going to send us more devalued dollars or something else stupid, which is supposed to fix everything.

Speaking of 10 kinds of stupid, I know tree huggers tend to come from the left side of the bell curve, but this has to be worthy of some sort of award for the dumbest damn thing in a long time. If the firewood (presumably driftwood or deadfalls) isn't burned, it will rot. Which releases just as much CO2 as burning it does. Which is CO2 that was taken out of the air when the tree was alive. Holy Mother of God and all Twelve Apostles, save us from ignoramuses.

Turkish courts continue to fight a loosing battle to keep Turkey from becoming the next Lebanon or Egypt. Sounds like it's about time for the military to come out of the barracks and re-establish a western-style democracy. The lefty-liberal, all-world-views-are-equally-valid EU won't allow that though, so expect Turkey to be another Islamic basket case in a decade or less.

You may die from TB, but at least it's organic and isn't made by one of the Big Evil Agribusiness Corporations. I have to laugh every time the bakery owner goes into her speech about her wonderful organic cheese made by hand at some farm in California. All that means is that you are far more likely to die from some third-world disease. But the lefty-liberals around here lap that crap up like a starving barn cat hitting a bowl of (raw, unpasteurized, TB-tainted) milk.

And just to wrap things up: Star Wars becomes reality.

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