Saturday, July 22, 2006

Traverse City Beach Bums

Ric and I went to our first TC Beach Bums game last night. This was the first minor league baseball game I've been to. It was kinda fun with ALL the goings on between innings -- wacky contests, yelling for free stuff, best dressed beach babe/guy, etc. The TC Beach Bums won the game 8 to 1. They ended the game for the night with a double play. What a way to end the game. Then the perfect way to end the night ---- FIREWORKS!!!!!

They were fabulous -- not just a couple small ones, but big ones and it lasted for awhile. They are like -- right in front of you! We were kicking ourselves for forgetting the camera in the car. Pictures would have been great ... we are planning to do another Friday Fireworks game nite and will definitely remember the camera. Who all wants to come with us?!

It is worth the $10 chairback seat admission -- even the $6 lawn admission isn't bad. No bad viewing area in the place. The stadium is great ... lots of food/drink vendors around the place. We didn't partake this time, but have heard the prices are reasonable. Some of the things walking by us certainly smelled delicious and the ice cream in the plastic ball caps were so cute. Suntan and Sunburn -- the mascots kept things hopping with their antics -- they are real crowd pleasers -- ready for that hug and handshake or picture at any time. The only thing to watch out for are the foul balls! One foul line drive looked like it injured somebody ... it was a few sections over from us, so we couldn't really see, but lots of commotion. Hopefully it wasn't too bad of an injury. That was the only line drive, the others were popped up in the air and caught or over the stadium roof to try to hit a car!

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