Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well...I had the priviledge today of having my first mammogram. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I agree with one ladies perspective ... rather have a mammogram than go to the dentist. I totally agree with that! I hate going to the dentist. Maybe I hate it since I have so many fillings and caps. (Remember to harvest the gold caps and fillings once I'm dead!)

I finally got my Doctor to do two things I've been asking about almost since I moved up here. I got him to order an EKG finally. Heart problems run on both sides of my family and it was suggested when my Dad died that us kids all get "base line EKGs" at that time. Of course, being the young stupid kids we were, I think we all blew it off. The second thing I got him to do was give me something to try for my restless leg syndrome. I want to do some research on it first, but willing to try it. Taking aspirin almost every night is bothering my stomach and starting to take more and more aspirin more often to help. Does anybody out there have any suggestions about restless leg syndrome? Before this time, the only things the doctors would tell me (besides it was all in my head) was to lose weight. This Dr today did tell me the same thing again! He didn't even congratulate me on losing the 30+ pounds I've lost so far....nice guy. Just said the RLS, acid reflux, stress, and depression could be solved by my losing weight! I am so tired of hearing this. Don't ASSUME all my problems are because of my weight. Yeah, some of it could be, but not all of it and not the only reason.

Traverse City's second annual film festival looks like it is off with a BIG BANG! Tickets went on sale July 7th. By the time we looked at things online Monday alot of shows were already sold out. The other bummer for me is I will be on a trip to Miami for the last weekend of the film festival. We are going to try to squeeze in one of the free "open space" movies in before I head out. I think it will be neat to sit outside and watch a movie.

Next week Ric and I hope to go see a Traverse City Beach Bums baseball game. I think I want to go on Friday night when I've heard they have fireworks after the game. I've never been to a minor league baseball game ... it should be fun.

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