Monday, July 10, 2006

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Thank you to all my family and friends that care about me. I know what was written in the comments was your concern for me. I know it angered you to think I was thinking about suicide because of Ric. I AM DOING BETTER! The reason I went off the deep end was I had a chance to read some old stuff that brought up the mess again in a bad way. It felt like it was happening all over again and made me question what was really happening now. The things I read really hurt me and I hurt all over again with my heart breaking once again. (It was my choice to read it, knowing it was "old" thoughts/feelings/happenings.) I will be okay and thanks for the offers of places to go to try to get my head on straight and figure out what I want.

I do truly want to make my marriage work. I want it to be better than it has been in the past. We ARE working on it slowly. Like I was told, it didn't fall apart overnite, and it won't be fixed overnite.

We will be pulling out of Michigan in mid October. I pray that the house is sold before that, but if it isn't, we will winterize it and tell the realtor to keep trying to sell it. We both registered for the 5Nov workshop at Arcosanti. It lasts for five weeks. Then we will try to get jobs onsite first. If neither of us can get something ... we will wing it.

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Anonymous said...

WELL - Deb - U did sound much better when I talked 2U last night - Hopefully some of the awful stuff I said doesn't do any harm to your ongoing attempts to right everything that has happened.

WELL - Ric - I'm not going to apologize cause what I said was what I was feeling after a night of stessing - B U T - please try to be gentle and caring as U 2 try to work this out - I am in your corner if this is what U BOTH truly want -