Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hi Cyberworld! How is everyone out there?

This weekend went so-so. I was able to finish painting the closet in the master bedroom and start taping off the floor in the hallway to paint on the main floor. Ric and I went shopping Sat and got the paint to repaint the hallway white. This way whoever buys the house can chose their own colors. Easier to paint the hallway area back to white -- then to paint the whole other area the velvet beige that still isn't right! Finally found the hardware to go with the basement handrail -- so that is another project that needs to be done sometime. Ric and I did dinner then went to see the newest Pirates of the Caribbean. (Now we have to wait to see the third one!!!)

Sunday morning was not so good. I climbed up on some stacked wood in the garage to get some more chairs for a picnic we were having later and went BOOM! I'm still not sure if I stepped out of my sandal or misstepped or ..., but I fell off the wood and on the garage floor. I really hurt my ankle and right side -- knee/hip/arm. Somehow on the way down I got a long scratch on my back. Sunday I was in so much pain. I hobbled around most of the day. My ankle kept stiffening up -- I was almost ready to go get it xrayed. By Monday nite my ankle felt better, by this morning, the bruises are starting to come out!

Today I had a dentist appt (not my favorite activity) and then was suppose to have another counseling appt. Guess what?! She had to cancel, she was home sick with the flu. Maybe she and I just aren't suppose to be in counseling together?! She will have to call my back to see if she can find a 6p or after appt for me in the next week and a half -- her secretary didn't see anything that late.

After finished at the dentist and half my mouth still numb, I headed to TC to go shopping. I still can't find what I am looking for at any of the stores up here. I'm hoping when I'm down at my Mom's in August I can find some things in BR or Flint. I did find a couple things on sale, but not what I was looking for. I took in another movie .. Lake House .. it was a good chick flick.

Got a call yesterday that I need to go back in the end of this month to have my boobs squished again. They, of course, won't say if they saw something, or it just didn't turn out. All they told me is this is not unusual to have to come back for more. I will keep you posted how it goes, they are suppose to keep me there and read them and tell me the results that day.

Good few days with half.com book sales. Check out our link at the side if you haven't. Most books are 75cents each -- hardcover and paperbacks! I have a order from one person for 7 books. Thanks for the multiple orders ... you save on shipping that way and it gets rid of books faster for us.

I will be heading to Miami in August for a Carnival Executive FAM trip. I will be doing a few ship inspections and sales seminars. This is another step towards my ACC (Accredited Cruise Counselor) status. I still have about 5 cruises to book by the end of November and some classes to do and I'll be done. (Anybody want to book a cruise?!)

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