Friday, July 14, 2006


Just got a call from our realtor. We thought we had somebody really interested in our place. He emailed over a dozen questions Ric had to answer and then finally looked through the house yesterday. He decided not to make an offer. His reasons he gave: 1) furthur away from his place in Detroit area than the others he is looking at 2) too much work to be done to finish up 3) doesn't like the solar/electric -- doesn't trust it? 4) didn't like the oil/gas drilling rights -- even after explained we have two already and won't get anymore drilled. Darn. Come on all you rich downstaters ... come on up and look .. make us an offer ... lots of land (100 acres - if you want it all), lots of deer for you hunters, lots of trees, and lots of quiet!

Another disappointment from first thing this morning. I drove all the way into TC for an appointment that nobody was at the office. This was a reschedule from the last appt she messed up and didn't put in her book. Luckily that day I had called earlier in day to verify what time that night the appt was....otherwise that would have been another wasted drive to TC. 45minute drive, gas, my time ... how much is that worth?

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