Saturday, July 15, 2006

Middle East War

Some random thoughts on the current Middle East war:

1. It's has been 30 years since the Jews taught the Arabs who is boss. I don't expect Israel to stop until they have exacted the full measure of revenge. The Jews care not one whit what the cheese-eating surrender monkeys think, or what the wine-guzzling surrender monkeys think, or what the castrated bears think, or what the leaders of the country whose very name is synonymous with "queers" thinks. For thirty years they have put up with Arab cowards raking their children's' school buses with gun fire, blowing up pizzerias, and firing rockets into Jewish cities, all with the full acquiescence of the international "community" including the United States (who, you will recall, refused to allow Jews fleeing Nazi Germany admittance to these united states, thus aiding and abetting Hitler's attempt to exterminate all Jews; oh yes, Jews are, like the Kurds and others foolish enough to believe and act upon our promises, fully aware of what kind of "friend" the United States is). I expect to see Israel in control of large chunks of real estate when this is over.

2. Israel has a right to exist as a viable sovereign entity if for no other reason than the right of conquest. You take that away, and the existence of every political entity on earth is suspect. Indeed, the very existence of the human race becomes suspect, at least in Europe where Homo Sapiens Sapiens' genocidal campaign lead to the extinction of Homo Neanderthalis. Given that not one single human isn't where they are due to displacing someone else, just how far are the liberal yapping dogs willing to take a "right to return"? Why do I think that the line will be somewhere just shy of the point it begins to personally affect them? Israel has a right to exist. Israel has a right to do whatever is necessary to secure a place to exist in, including the outright massacre of "civilians." Given that there doesn't seem to be any such thing as a "rational Arab", the Jews are fully justified in their actions.

3. The news media seems to take great delight in recounting every Arab "civilian" death, yet never speaks in such shocked tones about the hundreds of rockets that continue to rain down on Jewish cities. The rockets are not targeting military installations, Jewish leaders, munition depots, or even infrastructure. Yet the international "community" says nothing. But the quee... uh, I mean Greeks think Israel's response is "excessive."

4. Don't forget about Iran and their nuclear ambitions. I guarantee Israel hasn't. If you need reminding, this was Israel's response the last time the sand niggers tried to build a nuke.

5. Don't forget that Israel has its own nukes. If the Western nations abandon Israel, expect to see Mecca turned into radioactive glass. I don't know how many nukes Israel has, but personally, if the UN (meaning the United States) won't allow Israel to have defensible borders, a mote of radioactive glass would make a decent substitute. Ask yourself; when is a wild animal at its most dangerous? If we truly don't want to see mushroom clouds over every major Arab city (and personally, I could live with that: I am as tired of the sand niggers in the middle east as I am of the other variety that inhabit our inner cities) then maybe the Western world should shift some of its political weight off of Israel's back and on to the Arab world. If Americans have become so historically illiterate that we don't know how to do that (and given our pathetic performance in Iraq, that "If" is completely rhetorical), I'm sure there are those in Britain that remember how India was transformed from literal savagery into a modern nation. I refer you once again to Rudyard Kipling. To be effective, an animal trainer must learn to "speak their language." Never mistake a middle-east Arab for a human; they are animals in need of training and we need to start speaking their language.

OK. Is there any ethnic or national groups that I haven't insulted and pissed off? If you feel left out, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll rectify the situation immediately.


Anonymous said...

I chanced upon your blog while pressing the "next blog" button. All I can say is that I am apalled. If this is the kind of things that you say in "family congregations", I can only imagine what kind of a hate filled family you are. I feel sorry for you and your family.

Admin said...

1) This demonstrates the "dangers" of things like Bloggers next button; you may actually come upon someone different than you. Oh shock and horror.

2) I'm so glad that you're "apalled." Maybe next time you post on someone's blog, you can take five minutes and think of something meaningful to say.

3) Don't feel sorry for me and my family. We are doing just fine, thank you. However, I do feel sorry for you and anyone you exercise influence over due to the fact that a) you are a coward with your anonymous drive-by posting and b) that you substitute insults like "hate filled (sic) family" for actually arguing any of the points I made.

Better luck next time.

Samurai Sam said...

Well, I chanced upon your blog because I needed an example of the extreme sociopathic behavior exhibited by the Right so, thanks! All I had to do was search for "radioactive glass" and your blog popped right up. I guess if making gross racial slurs and advocating for the genocide of an entire region's population makes you feel powerful, then rock on.

I wish I could agree with anonymous and say I was apalled, but since I was looking for an opinion like yours I can't. All I can say is that I'm apalled at how easy it was to find comments this loathesome.

And I will debate one of your points: there is no "right of conquest". Such a concept is nothing but the codification of "might makes right" into a geopolitical strategy. If you and those who believe as you do want to crawl around in the muck like pigs, feel free. But don't degrade the rest of the human race by implying your political views are somehow axiomatic of the human condition. You're nothing but an anti-social bigot, with a grade-schooler's understanding of science and history. Just keep huddling inside your narrow little mind so those big, bad foreigners can't get you...

Admin said...

Well at least you have the balls to leave your name, however you lack the intelligence to do anything other than name-call.


Oh, and if you don't believe in the right of conquest, feel free to get the fuck out of the United States as you have no right to be here.

Oh wait, that's right. You believe in the right of conquest as long as it's you that benefits. How typical.

One other thing. If you think this is a right-wing blog, you have serious reading comprehension problems. It's not "big, bad foreigners" I have a problem with. It's the stupid people that vote for the president of my country I have a problem with.