Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cute. Debbie and I posted basically the same message at the same time. As if our life is so interesting, everyone wants to read it twice. Next time I will remember to hit the refresh icon before I publish.


Survived another day of the 12 Days of Hell. At least now Nestina has her own vehicle. That will make a huge difference, especially with school out.

Tonight's main event was the Senior Awards ceremony. I have never seen so many plaques and certificates in my life. We were there for two solid hours. Some observations: our schools continue to succeed admirably in the enstupidation of males. Nearly all awards for academics and over half for a combination of academics and athletics went to women. Except for one guy that scored all the math and science awards, the only "big" award that went to a male was from the PE department and was given to some guy that spent half of each day in the weight room. Men dominated the four-year varsity letter winners, though! I would say overall, 70% of the awards went female. Everyone knows our schools hate boys. Being male is now considered a mental disease to be treated with drugs and therapy. Don't think so? Look up the actual, medical definition of ADHD, then watch a perfectly normal 6-year-old boy. There will likely come a point where we will regret what we are now doing. By all accounts I've read, Einstein was a first class brat as a kid. If he had been born 60 or 70 years later, he would have been drugged and put in special ed.

Here is a test. Walk into any room of your house with a pad of paper and a pen. Make a list of everything in the room invented by a woman. I suspect the list will be rather short. Non-existent, most likely. Now think about the one kid out of a class of, what, 100? 150? that swept every single math and science award. He's going to be one busy dude inventing the next generation of new stuff.

Now here is the key. Men and women are different. Most of us figured that out before we were old enough to start school. The schools, of course, spend the next twelve years of our lives trying to tell us we are all the same. We're not. Men invent things in the course of solving problems. True, most of those problems are self-made. Think about a guy stuck in the mud while off-roading. He will be a regular McGuyver when it comes to figuring out how to get unstuck without help. Of course he also got himself stuck in the first place, which maintains the symmetry of the universe.

There is also another form of symmetry that is less pleasant to think about. I can't point to some peer reviewed article to support this, but I'm certain, based on peer reviewed articles I have read and my personal experiences and observations, that the same genetics and/or environment (they are not mutually exclusive) that make men inventive also makes them violent when things get twisted. In other words, there are very few female Steve Job's for the same reason there are very few female Jack the Ripper's. It's a guy thing.

Let me try to make sense out of this. It's getting late and it isn't going too well. Our schools have become factories that take in little boys and girls and turn out women. Drugs and indoctrination in PC are used to trim the tails off the both sides of the male bell curve. The female-dominated school system declares success at suppressing all the little Jack the Ripper's on the left side. Of course all the little Steve Job's on the right side were strangled in the crib as well. Shouldn't we at least talk about this? But we are told that any discussion is out of bounds. See the recent flap over a Harvard professor making the painfully obvious observation that after 30 years of gender preferences that favor women, there don't seem to be a lot of women in the upper levels of math and science. He had the audacity to suggest that it may be the result of either lack of ability or lack of interest (to the extent that these are not the same thing).

I don't know all the answers, certainly, and I doubt they are going to hit me at 1AM. I do know the Chinese don't drug promising young boys in their schools. Note that the Chinese are rerunning the Apollo program. At least half the teenagers I know think, or at least accept as a possibility, that the entire Apollo program was faked, because they simply cannot imagine the country they live in today being capable of such a thing. They are right, as anyone watching NASA struggle pathetically to launch the Shuttle knows. But we used to be able to do such things, and the day will come that the Chinese will be able to do such things. Think about that while you read this.

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Anonymous said...

So, women and men aren't the same. I agree with you. But, are they equal? Or are men superior? Are the school systems promoting a form of affirmative action that favors girls to excel academically?