Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Not much happened last night. I vegg'ed and Nestina worked. Debbie's mom is doing well with her physical therapy. Other than that, nothing to report.

Go read why some guy named Spengler thinks western governments fall apart. To be concise, Spengler says people get the government they vote into office. That may not sound like blinding insight, but it does seem to be completely outside the grasp of the average voter. America has become profoundly anti-intellectual over the last thirty years. In that time, we elected "Peanut" Carter, Ronny Raygun, "No New Lips" Bush, Bill "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinski" Clinton, and Crusader Bush. Huh. I guess Spengler is right; you vote for what you are. In any case, it is certainly worth thinking about. It is probably worth thinking harder about countries where this isn't happening. There is no rule of the universe that says the United States will always be top dog, or that we even exist. I was discussing this very topic with my mother and a friend of hers. They asked if the cycle of history is so plain, why doesn't anyone learn from it? For the same reason there are stock market bubbles: every new nation or other group of humans thinks they are different than all that have gone before; that history has ended and the New Age has dawned. Well, I hate to be negative, but that hasn't happened in 10,000 years of human history, and this year isn't looking too good to change that record. Next year doesn't look much better.

Body guards have become SOP in Denmark for anyone with even a modest level of public exposure. You are reading it here first. The U.S. usually runs about 5-7 years behind Europe. Expect the same thing here no later than 2012.

And here are five questions non-Muslims would like answered by the leadership of the Religion of Peace (tm). I'll make another prediction (I'm getting to be a regular Nostradamus); the only response will be crickets chirping. There are a couple possibilities why that is. The most obvious is that we are being blatantly lied to about that whole Religion of Peace (tm) thing. The Peace'ers are just a front to lend legitimacy to murderers. Another possibility is that Islam is a morally bankrupt ideology. It has quicksand for foundations, thus no one has the moral authority to call murderers to task. In the end it hardly matters. No answers will be forthcoming, and the U.S. media will make excuses on behalf of the Muslims. (shrug)

How can anyone expect us to learn from history when we are not even capable of learning from current events?

That's it.

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