Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another quiet day at the Frost household. Debbie got home from her mom's about the same time I finally rolled in from work. We were both delayed by weather: the year's first snow storm. It was a pretty good one with a solid 10 inches on the ground this morning. I even considered putting the plow on the truck until I checked the ten-day forecast. It's supposed to be near-50 by the weekend, so I won't bother trying to move a bunch of wet snow on top of mud; we'll just drive over it until it melts. That seems to be the theory of the Kalkaska Road Commission as well; nothing had been plowed until I was on the highway. Most of the schools were closed, which I found amusing. So far this school year, there have been closings for fog, electrical outages due to high winds, and, in the case of the Drummond Island schools, high waves (a lot of the students ride the ferry to school). Now the first snow storm of the year has most of the schools in northeastern Michigan shut down again. If they keep canceling school at this rate, the little kiddies will be in school until the Fourth of July.

Anyway, the only thing I have from today's skim of the internet is a reminder that we all need to stop thinking in terms of retiring, and just face the reality that we will all be working until we fall over dead. We also need to accept that two-thirds of our paychecks will be taxed away to pay for the foolish promises made over the last 40 or so years. You can blame the unions, you can blame short-sighted corporate executives that caved into union demands they knew could never be fulfilled, you can blame the workers for expecting to be cared for like children in their old age, or you can blame all of the above. None of it matters; we will all pay dearly.

That's it for today.

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