Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nestina and I cleaned house for a couple hours last night, then watched a couple movies. (Garage Days and Punisher). Neither of them was a really bad movie, but they didn't make an impression on me. I would consider them both worth a discount rental, but certainly not worth the price of a pair of theater tickets, nor would I bother to purchase them unless I found them in a bargain bin for less than $5. Debbie is supposed to be home sometime today, so I'll get the scoop on what is happening down-state. She tried to call me several times last night, but the connection was horrible at the house. I don't know if it was weather-related, or a network issue, but every single call I made or received was lost.

In any case, here is an article that gives a more-sympathetic view of the Paris rioters than I think they deserve. The author repeats the standard line that this has nothing to do with Islam; rather, it is frustration with racism and exclusion from modern life. I'd buy this except what is actually being asked for isn't better schools that assign lots of homework in really hard classes, but more welfare dollars and formalization of Islamic-only enclaves throughout France, including the formal establishment of Islamic law and, presumably, police and courts to enforce those laws. In other words, more of the earnings of non-Islamics flowing in, with no accountability, no attempt at assimilation, and most certainly no citizens loyal to France. This should sound familiar to anyone living in the United States, as it is the broad outline of any speech by any of our black "leaders." Allow me to repeat myself: this is not going away. This is not some minor disturbance by some pissy "young people." Not that I am trying to grant legitimacy to the French rioters, but remember that it was not dissimilar acts of vandalism that presaged our own revolution. And like the British in the 1770's, the French seem to think this can be contained by targeting a few malcontents, while completely missing the deeper cultural change, not to mention the demographic realities. (shrug) Western Civilization had a pretty good run of five centuries. In the grand scheme of history, that certainly doesn't shatter any records, but it is still better than most.

And that is all I have time for today.

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