Friday, November 11, 2005

I didn't get home until after 8pm last night, but at least all the shopping is done for tonight. Or at least most of it is. I still have to pick up awards and some little "gee, thanks for playing" type gift for all the players. I feel completely unprepared for this thing; the days just go by one after the other and nothing ever gets done.

In political news, it looks like a teenager is the new mayor of Hillsdale, Michigan. Michael Sessions, a high school senior, beat out the incumbent mayor on a $700 write-in campaign. I'm sure the courts will figure out how to take this away from Sessions and give it to the incumbent. I mean, we can't have some smart-ass outsider, especially an 18-year-old one, getting himself elected. Just think what this could lead to; honest people that live in the real world getting elected to local office on a shoe-string budget, running a campaign based on issues instead of lies? Madness, I say!! Chaos!!


Pat Robertson has once again opened his mouth, which means the entire, world-wide Christian community is embarrassed. Pat's head is like some sort of intellectual black hole; nothing can escape being sucked in and disappearing without a trace. Not logic, not common sense, not sound theology, not even basic human compassion. This "man of God" is gleefully fantasizing about massive death and destruction because 51% of the voters in Dover decided to change the makeup of the local school board. Thanks, Pat, for contributing to the "secularization" of America by your tireless efforts to drive every rational person out of the church and away from God.

And I'm done.

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