Friday, January 09, 2009

Bye Bye, Willie!

I said goodbye to Willie and the Rooster's Cafe today. I was only scheduled for two days this week, and was not even on the schedule for next week. This morning, I was called in early because prep was so far behind. Five minutes after I show up, the owners wife, as she habitually does, breezes into the kitchen, and literally pushes me out of the way without even acknowledging that I exist. So I left. The owner followed me out to the parking lot where I gave him some choice thoughts about him and his wife.

So. No more Rooster's. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Which is just as well with the college schedule I have coming up in a couple weeks. I'll just focus on getting my last six classes out of the way then worry about how we are going to eat after I'm done.

So while I have some time to kill, a little reminder that just because the news media has the attention span of a three-year-old doesn't mean that the lead story from a couple years ago has somehow gone away.

And the public schools continue in their primary mission, which as we know has nothing to do with education and everything to do with teaching the next generation to endure any form of degradation imposed by authority figures.

On a lighter note, there may be Stonehenge-type remains in Lake Michigan near Traverse City. It won't likely do much for tourism given that it takes scuba gear to see it, but still cool if it pans out.

Well, off to enjoy my "retirement."


GreatMatt said...

The thing I take away from the "Stonehenge" article is, NMC has a professor of underwater archeology? Really? We can't find an IS teacher who knows anything about computer, but we have a professor of underwater archeology? Really?


Ric said...


Never understood why even decent-sized universities has such seemingly bizarre staffing. The basics are taught by either incompetents or Pakistanis taking ESL classes at night. But there will be these world-famous experts in obscure fields that you swear they have to be making up.

Like underwater archeology. Where is that major in the catalog?