Sunday, July 30, 2023

Ron DeSantis

From where I sit, Ron DeSantis has nuked his political career. Debbie and I have lived in Florida for about 13 years. We're not really political people any more. I was heavily into it at one time, but... well... running for office cured me of the delusion that voting and "democracy" is anything other than smoke-and-mirrors. But I still kept my toe in so I knew who DeSantis was when he first became governor. Initially I wasn't really impressed. He just seemed like another empty suit. Then he started to make some bold moves that I liked, as well as the vast majority of other people here in Florida as demonstrated by his overwhelming second term win. 

Then he decided to piss on all the people who voted him in with the understanding that he would complete his second term, then consider a run at the presidency in 2028. I mean, it is a law in Florida that you cannot run for another office while holding office. Heh. We all know that laws are for peons like us, not Really Important People like Ron. So he started in a hole with his home-state voters and proceeded to dig himself in deeper by attacking first Trump, then Trump voters, seeming to completely forget that MAGA put him in office. Twice.

But he wasn't done digging, or at least the brainless morons on his campaign staff weren't done. In the last couple of months, when it was clear to EVERYONE that DeSantis had zero chance against Trump, his staff released a series of the most tone-deaf ads that I have ever seen in the 58+ years I've been on this planet. The last one even included the state flag with a Nazis black sun superimposed over it and lines of soldiers. WTF! Now donors are fleeing, his campaign is shedding staff like a Bouvier sheds hair in spring, and every poll shows him losing voters in droves.

Bottom line: Ron DeSantis is done. At this point, he has pissed off so many Florida voters I doubt he could get elected dog catcher. He needs to end the madness, apologize to Trump and MAGA voters, finish his work here in Florida (he can start by addressing the property insurance disaster), then find a nice quiet beach and disappear from public life.

On that depressing note, it's off to bed.

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