Thursday, August 04, 2005

There is a very long response that took some thought that Eric made to yesterday's post. It deserves a well-thought response, which I cannot supply today on my 4 hours of interrupted sleep. So instead, today will be another link-fest.

Paul Graham has a new article up that discusses what business should be learning from the open source phenomenon. Note that he doesn't believe they will learn, just that they should.

Fred Reed, who has spent more time inside a squad car than anyone other than cops and some career criminals, takes on community-based policing (CBP). The short version is that CBP handicaps the police while avoiding the root problems. Definitely worth reading and thinking about.

Here is a bit from The Panda's Thumb on President Bush's remarks in support of the teaching of Intelligent Design in the classroom. I will say it again: Intelligent Design is not science and has no place in a public school science class. It is politics with a dash of bad theology, and its very foundation is flagrant dishonesty.

Vox Day explains better than I could why I got out of libertarian politics. The whole enterprise reminded me of trying to sell spinach-flavored ice cream. You can not sell what people do not want to buy. Most people living in the United States do not desire a republic and are terrified at the very idea of living in one.

And a hat trick from A Stitch in Haste:
Guns in Parking Lots, Revisited
Don't Blame Fund Managers for Pension Shortfalls
Bush, Intelligent Design and "Totalitarian Libertarians"

Here and here are a pair of very sad posts. At a loss for a reason, indeed.

In other news, it's been a crazy couple of days. As I have previously mentioned, Tuesday was my debut as a soccer coach. We won, but I can't take any credit whatsoever. I just let the girls do their job. I was mostly a spectator. Of course we picked the second hottest day of the year to play.

Yesterday, the hottest day of the year, we took the youth group out to North Bar Lake in the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Park. It was great; lots of surf and it felt really good to be in Lake Michigan. The only downer was that I lost my glasses to a rogue wave. I was just wading in the shallow water keeping an eye on the bobbing heads that I was responsible for when I got smashed by a wave that was easily eight feet high. I tried to grab for my glasses, but it was too late. The surf literally sucked them right out of my hands. Ah well; I'm about two years over-due for a new pair anyway.

Tonight is another soccer meeting, so maybe I will finally get the word on what is happening for the fall season and what I will be coaching.

That's it.

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