Thursday, August 11, 2005

I was just poking around in my stats so far. I've been running fairly consistent at 25 hits a day. I received another hit from Tokyo yesterday. I'm not sure why I'm so popular in Japan. Is checking in on American nutjobs' blogs the new hobby there? Anyway, I took a peak at the search terms that people have used to find this place through Yahoo or other search engines. So far we have:
debbie's boob job
tokyo steve

Yep. That pretty much sums up the contents of this blog.

That's it for now.


Anonymous said...

Debbie had a boob job?!

Ric said...

Umm, no. That's why it's funny.

I tried "debbie's boob job" in Google and our site was nowhere to be found. But when you put that into Yahoo, our site is on the first page of results. I think Yahoo ranks it higher because "debbie's" is in the title section of every page. The link is to a post from over a year ago that mentioned someone's job, then uses "boob tube" later in the same post. Search engines have a long way to go to be considered really useful.

And of course, now that the phrase appears several times on one day's post, it will move us up the rankings when the next person searches for "debbie's boob job."

Anonymous said...

I think that's hilarious! Your hits are going to go through the roof now that you've used "boob" about 6 times!