Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another quick post just to let everyone know that we are still alive. I have been spending most of my days outside cleaning out the garage and shed. I am making good progress on both, but I will need to keep a large fire going for several days to be rid of all the stuff piled in the back yard.

The big news since I last posted is that Nestina has a job at a local video rental place. She is very excited, and so are we. I'm really hoping this works out for her. The person that hired her seems to think she will do well.

This weekend, we were down in Burt, Michigan for Debbie's younger brother's retirement party. It looked like it would be raining, but everything cleared up just as the party started. Lots of people, food, etc.

While we were there, we took Nestina to her first-ever Catholic church service. She really enjoyed it, which I expected. The church itself was more visually interesting, and she really enjoyed the verbal give-and-take between the congregation and the priest. This will likely be the first of a series of visits to a variety of churches and traditions.

The Onion weighs in on the origins debate with this wonderful article. If the Intelligent Design folks could just open their eyes to how their arguments sound to those with even an average education, they would be shamed into silence.

And more on the shooting in London of a suspected terrorist. It seems that the official version of the story had very little truth to it. I'm shocked. To think that any government would shoot and kill someone, then lie to make themselves look better. I'm completely stunned.

My statistics continue to accumulate. Thanks to all who continue to check in even though I have not had much in the way of updates lately. It makes the effort of writing more worthwhile knowing a couple dozen individuals check this place every day or so.

And that's all I have for today.


Pauline said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the new job Nestina :)

Tammy said...

I am in washington safe, busy as ever and sick... miss you all