Thursday, March 18, 2004

It's Thursday, so that means I'm in Grand Rapids. The nice thing about blogging is that I can update from anywhere. Much more convenient than the old way. I never got around to posting yesterday from work because I was trying to catch up on homework. But I see Debbie picked up my slack.

I think there must be something in the water in Lansing that makes all the politicians retarded. Some whiny woman was going on about how horrible, racist, and no good car insurance companies are because they charge people that live in Detroit more than people who don't. For people with IQ's over 80, I think that falls into the "well, duh" catagory. Where am I more likely to crash my car? Rush hour on I-75 or driving more or less alone on Plum Valley Road in Rapid City, Michigan? Is my car as likely to be stolen from the Munson parking lot as it is from a lot on 8 Mile? I guess if you make a political career out of race baiting, and don't have enough intelligence to do anything else, you will grasp at anything.

Well, I'm supposed to be working with my learning team, not blogging. Later.

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