Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The deacons' meeting last night went late. Lots of hard questions about the current state of the church (and the Church). I had a long conversation with pastor afterwards about some unrelated subjects. The bottom line is that I rolled into our place around 12:30am this morning, did some homework, then fell into bed around 2:00am. That made getting up this morning interesting.

Anyway, busy day at work, then youth group tonight. That will make for another late night. I have to finish my part of my study group's final project before Wednesday at some point. Probably 2am tomorrow morning. At least it isn't my turn to drive to Grand Rapids.


Opportunity is sitting on a Mars beach. I know that 99% of the people in this country are more concerned about Courtney Love's breasts on The David Letterman Show (specifically how they can adjust the TV to make that fuzzy stuff go away...), but it's hard to explain how big this is. How much bigger it could become. Anyway, I've said it all before. This is just one more piece of an exciting puzzle.


Speaking of breasts, I think the FCC is fighting a losing battle on the breasts-on-TV front. If Bush is re-elected, that may delay the day of full frontal nudity on American broadcast television by a few years. But we will eventually follow the example of the Europeans where full frontal nudity has been a staple for several years. I know that conservatives like to blame Hollywood, but the bottom line is that we will have fully nude people prancing around on normal broadcast and cable television (they've been in the theaters and pay channels for decades) because that is what the vast majority of people want to watch. I give it a few years for female breasts on the after-11pm shows with full nudity to follow given the inevitable quest to see who can push the envelope further faster.

Anyway, I need to hit the road.

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