Thursday, June 20, 2013

We're Ba-ack

Queue creepy little girl (and oddly, Coach):

Anyway, we made a fast dash up to Michigan for Debbie's nephew's graduation open house. Even though we were never within a hundred miles of the place, Atlanta managed to screw us up coming and going. On the way out, a storm in Atlanta held up our pilot for two hours, then on the way back, a storm in Atlanta held up our plane for an hour. I suppose it beats driving. Barely.

The open house went great, weather was nice, lots of people showed up, enough food to feed 10,000, etc. The only problem was how little time we had. On Friday, we flew into Detroit, then spent the next 6 hours or so on the road up to Alpena. Open house was Saturday, then driving back down as far as Birch Run on Sunday. We had Monday free, so we spent most of that driving out to the US/Canadian border to visit one of Debbie's nieces who couldn't make it to the open house. We made a new friend while we were there:

Then Tuesday, we started for Detroit around 3pm and got back here to the trailer at 1am Wednesday. We slept late Wednesday, then worked around the house catching up on all the stuff that didn't get done while we were gone. I swear the grass grew two feet in the five days we were away. Gotta love Florida.

We did something (sort of) new on Wednesday. We'd gone to the local Moose Lodge a couple times with some of the people here in the park. Well, I gave in and paid for a membership. I'm now an official member in good standing of the Loyal Order of Moose, Lodge 2276. (I initially typo'ed that as the Loyal Odor of Moose....) Wednesday was the first time I was able to flash a card with my name on it. I did a short orientation about some of the things Moose International does, but I'm less clear on what exactly the local lodge does other than eat and drink six nights a week. So Tuesday I'll head up there for the weekly meeting and see what's what.

And that's about it. I should be finishing up the last bits on the inside of the Florida room over the weekend, then on Monday, we start looking into getting some siding on the outside of the place. Pictures when there is visible progress.

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