Monday, July 02, 2012

Power tools and ants

Hey All --- Debbie here. 

Ric is over in Zephyrhills working on things so we can move in the last weekend of this month.   I took last Friday off work and we were over there together working Fri/Sat/Sun.   We got to take down a wall -- finally figured out how to take up the old linoleum/wood floor in the laundry room  --  take down the old paneling in the Florida room and then start putting down new flooring in the laundry room and one place in Florida room back corner where rain damaged/rotted.   I got to use the power tool to take out screws from the old shelving and the old paneling.   (And I didn't hurt myself!  LOL)   The big surprise was when I was part way done with taking down the old paneling in the Florida room under the fake vinyl windows.   I started to take out one screw and a bunch of ants started running all over the place.   I stopped and just yelled ANTS ANTS ANTS! to Ric.   Of course we did not have any type of bug spray yet.    Ric told me to stop hitting them and they should go back to their nest until I could make an emergency run to get some ant spray.   They finally calmed down after I stopped hitting the wall with my shoe!    We found them in a couple places in the wall under the windows -- nestled in the foam or between the foam and the paneling.   Glad they all died with the ant spray!   The first bunch I kinda went overboard with the spraying and Ric and I ended up inhaling the fumes for most of the rest of the day.   Ric is busy while I'm gone with cleaning and figuring out how to reseal things so this does not happen again. 

Well -- clothes are ready to fold and get packed again to head over to Z Hills tomorrow after work -- I have the 4th and 5th off since I'm working Sat.


Anonymous said...

For ants, I use a product called Terro ant bait. It's borax in a sugary liquid. Ants will mob the bait for a day or two, then the borax kills the whole nest. We have ants in Az when the summer turns humid, like now.
Hope you and Rick are well

Debbie said...

Thanks -- we will look into that. I know we got some powder for outside that you sprinkle on the hills, the ants are suppose to think it is food and take it to the queen and kill the whole hive. It seems to work, but they just pop up several feet away next week we are out.