Thursday, June 28, 2012


As of 1:30PM yesterday afternoon, I am no longer an employee of Seminole County. Feels great! Of course it's not like I'll be sitting around watching movies or anything. We have a great deal of stuff to get done in the next four weeks starting now. I have a lengthy to-do list just for today, plus longer-term projects both here and in Zephyrhills. There is zero chance that we'll bored between now and our official moving day.

I don't have time for anything lengthy on today's decision that the Constitution of these united States places no limit whatsoever on the actions of the federal government. Combined with yesterday's decision that placed hard limits on what individual states are allowed to do, this pretty much nails the coffin shut on federalism. I had assumed from the start that there was no way that any branch of the federal government would block legislation so advantageous to multinational corporations as Obamacare will prove to be. Unfortunately, raging cynicism seems the safe bet lately.

Maybe more later when I knock out more of the to-do list.

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