Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Place: More Work

We had another day off together, so we headed over to the new place to do some more clearing and to start loading the place up with our stuff. Most of the day was spent putting heat film on the living room windows. Unfortunately, being a travel trailer, the windows are the louvered, crank-out type meaning that instead of one big piece of glass per window, there are three. That made the process painfully slow, but it will look a lot better than our temp heat shields I slapped up last week using left-over Mylar from the apartment heat-shield project. The total cost for all the windows except those on the north side will be about $70, so not too bad. We hope the payback will be something like two or three months, but it will be hard to do an exact payback calculation given no one has lived in the trailer in the summer in a very long time. Anyway, here's what things looked like after the Restore truck came and went:

We're keeping the mat and box for now so we have something to sleep on when we stay there. Once we have our own bed moved over, these will be sent to Restore as well.

We emptied out the closet only to fill it back up again. Most of the stuff here will end up elsewhere, but for now it's out of the way.

Built-in dresser needs some work. Several of the drawers have busted rails; an easy fix, fortunately.

We're keeping the washing machine that came with the trailer, but Restore got the miniature 110-volt electric dryer. At some point, it may be replaced with a full-sized propane dryer, but not immediately. We'll use a clothesline for now.

We moved all the bits we plan to yard-sale into the laundry room to get them out of the way for now. All the existing shelving is so poorly done, it will all have to come down. Several sections collapsed with even the slightest bit of weight because the installation was so botched.

The Florida room is mostly emptied. We kept one of the kitchen-table-and-chair sets so we would have something to sit on until we get some of our furniture moved over. We're also not sure if our current table will fit, so it's also a form of insurance.

With a big screen at one end, we could do some serious Wii Bowling in here.

Even cleaned out the kitchen looks alarmingly small. This may turn out to be one of the first major renovation projects.

China hutch filled with our good china that has been in storage since we got it as wedding gifts. We decided it was time to ditch the old stuff Debbie bought for her first apartment and start using fancy dishes.

Our empty living room. We'll be heading over again tomorrow after I get out of work, mostly to take another load of stuff that we won't need before August, and try to finish up the heat film on the windows. We'll also be working on a detailed list of projects that need to be done before we move in, then figure out how to make it all happen in the six weeks we have before we move in. Fun stuff.

Well, I need to get dinner started.

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