Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gettin' Old

Besides the creaks and groans when I go to stand up!

My oldest niece (my side) turns 17 tomorrow. (OBTW -- your birthday card will be late) Wow --- hard to believe I have a niece that old -- and hard to believe my youngest brother has a daughter that old! I'm sure all adults feel that way at times. We don't grow old, just the kids do.

Tonite I went out to dinner with a friend from work. She made a comment about having to look in the mirror sometimes to realize what she really looks like now. In her mind, she is still in the 80's. I totally agree with her --- though, I don't go look at myself in the mirror. I just feel like it isn't 2008 and I'm not 44. I can still look at my Mom and not think she is over 60. Since she isn't "growing old looking", I shouldn't be either. (I certainly hope I look as young as she does when I age another 20yrs)

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