Saturday, December 08, 2007


No, not here (well, maybe in the higher elevations this weekend) -- but back in northern Michigan. Ric had fun with the big Penske truck yesterday. His parents place had about 2 feet of snow on the ground when he arrived Tues night and more coming each day. They dug out a spot to park the Penske truck for Friday so they could get our stuff loaded into it. Well...somehow they got stuck in the road when they first got there Friday morning. They had to dig it out and finally got it off the road. They got our stuff all loaded and then he had to get that truck up the "big hill" just past Don/Shirley's driveway. Ric ended up backing down the road and then gunned it (to about 50mph), past Don/Shirley in the driveway and gunned and fishtailed his way up the hill. He made it! Must of been fun (ha!) fishtailing a 20ft? truck partially loaded up a hill at 50mph! I'm glad he made it and didn't turn the thing over. They took it into Kalkaska to park it for the night at Richard and Sally's (not as much snow in Kalkaska) and better roads. Then up early this am to meet the seniors for breakfast at 7am and off Ric and Richard are to my Mom's house. Much more loading there with help of a brother or two and some nieces and maybe nephew. Then Sunday it is time to hit the road for the long drive to Prescott. Hoping and praying for decent weather on their way here.

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