Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's Official

As of about ten minutes ago, we are officially moved into our new apartment: I replaced the shower head provided by the landlord with our own personal shower head. That's how we know that we are "moved in." The first thing we do in a new place is put it up, the last thing we do when we move out is take it down.

Of course, because we spent all day yesterday moving the rest of our stuff out of Arcosanti, the weather decided to bless us with two days of non-stop rain. We grabbed a few things Friday night and spent the night in Prescott. When we got back to Arcosanti Saturday morning, we were greeted by a sea of mud littered with stuck vehicles. All the buildings leak, which says a lot about the brilliant architects and engineers that designed and built the place. It also makes it fun to try to clean an apartment up while water is running down the walls and dripping from the ceiling. By the end of Saturday, we were wet, cold and muddy, but we were done.

Now we get to spend the day trying to find places for everything and getting me ready for the Big Drive of 2007. I'll be seeing some of you Michiganders in a couple days!

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