Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Home Alone

I made it thru my first night alone in our new apartment. (Of course, the bathroom light was on to help!) I kinda felt like a lost puppy dog at first --- I got home from a day of training down in Phoenix -- and kinda wandered around the apartment. I already was missing Ric being here.

He had an interesting day of flying --- his flight from Phoenix was delayed due to crew. Of course, I was in training with no cell phone reception. I got his message on break and had to call another agent to do some checking for me and protect him on the next flight out of Detroit to Traverse. I think I am the only one in the office that can think outside the box. She wasn't too sure of what I was trying to have her do. I finally had to spell it out very specifically and hope she did it right since I had to get back to class. Ric and I played phone tag with messages all day. He did end up making the connection in Detroit --- doing the OJ run from gate 6 to gate 75! He had 10 minutes to spare til they closed the doors.

Tonite I had plans of taking care of some Visa statements and filing. Didn't happen! Instead, I got to play around with signing up for cruise360 seminars and such for March 2008. I just got the okay from work today that they will pick up the registration cost, airline ticket, and hotel! Wow---I love to work at AAA! I had that mostly worked out -- without double booking myself -- when I got a phone call. A great friend from Michigan called --- her first words to me were -- I hugged your husband tonite. I knew just who it was (and not just because I have caller ID on my cell) We had a great talk about her trip to NC. Unfortunately, my cell phone died after 30 odd minutes. Shortly after, Ric called --- but that had to be really short since the battery had only been charging for a few minutes.

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