Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Inconvenient Truths for Al Gore

This site is written by another dissenter in the IPCC ranks. Another ignored dissenter, of course. "All credible scientists agree" is only true if you define "credible" as "agrees with me."

It's very simple: we don't need more global bureaucratic shin-digs. We need data. We need models that can "predict" today's climate based on the climate 100 years ago. We can have that for less money than we pour into the sands of Iraq in a month.

Of course, even if Uncle Al is right, what then? And don't tell me to go buy a Prius, which has lower fuel economy combined with less passenger and cargo space than a 1970 VW diesel Rabbit. Not to mention a much larger total ecological footprint from manufacture through disposal (engine and motor, not just an engine; giant NiMH battery, etc.). And don't talk to me about Kyoto, which is nothing but a prescription for the destruction of every Western economy, while exempting places like China, with one-quarter of the world's population. If sacrifice is necessary, I'm not against doing my part, but don't ask me to destroy the economy of the US while giving a pass to a country with an order of magnitude greater population. That is ten kinds of stupid.

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