Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Concert Night

Debbie and I went to a concert at a local church last night to listen to this guy. It was fun, although I must be getting too old because the music was too loud.

The interesting part is that he is currently biking across the United States from Los Angeles to Boston to raise money for The James Fund. So you have someone who, I think it is safe to say, isn't exactly a household name on the Contemporary Christian Music scene, yet is donating 100% of tickets sales from his concerts, merchandise sales, and web site sales to The James Fund, plus takes up a free-will offering at every event that also 100% goes to The James Fund. This all started on May 7th and not counting whatever came in last night, he has already raised over $39,000. One week. One guy. He plans to do this for approximately three months.

Thought experiment: what if every person in the United States that claims to be a follower of Jesus devoted 1/4 of their income for one year to helping widows and orphans? Not just sending few bucks for new shoes or some old clothes from the back of your closet, but sending serious cash that can change a life.

Homework for our Christian readers:

1. List all the excuses why doing this is impossible for you, even as someone who most likely lives on even less than you do is doing it.

2. Reconcile the above list with the teachings of Jesus in the gospels.

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