Monday, May 21, 2007

And Another Concert

Friday late in the work day, one of my coworkers asked if I wanted to not go home right after work. Hmmm...with a lead in like that, how could I refuse to find out what was up?! Her daughter decided she had too much to do and backed out of going to a concert with her. It wasn't a "real concert" -- it was a special event -- a mother/daughter "women" event -- (I believe it was called a SHE event) The special guest was Rebecca St James. I called to make sure Ric didn't mind me going out with Bunni at the last minute. I had to get some directions from another coworker since this was someplace else I hadn't been to before. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't get lost trying to find my way home by myself. It looked pretty harmless after Alexa (another coworker) gave me better directions than the AAA TripTik did! I gave Bunni the thumbs up -- she had to leave early since we was volunteering at the event.

It was a good concert and night with alot of women. Rebecca St James's mentor Evie was also there, along with a couple other singers. Evie was the oldest (51yrs) and her best comment about getting older was about your eyebrows thinning/falling out and THEN appearing on your CHIN! She had a few other good zingers -- especially embarrasing to the guys in the band. It was a good message about friends and forgiveness. It made me miss my friends from Michigan. I didn't want to call and wake anyone up at 1am, so I left a message for one at the church. (I hope she got it) The message on forgiveness hung on my heart also. I wanted to talk about it when I got home, but nobody was there was I got in. The opportunity was lost -- maybe I wasn't really ready to "put it to bed yet."

Other news: I finally finished up my training and other requirements for my ACC. (Acredited Cruise Counselor) I mailed in my logbook and other paperwork on Friday. I should get things back in 3-4 weeks and be able to add ACC after my name now in the travel business. Our AAA office move is pushed back again -- now they are telling us June 13th is the big move date. Again -- I won't be holding my breath. I hope we are in by the end of summer!

Still working on closing of the house auction. It is turning out to be a big pain that the lawyer won the bid. We may have to push back the closing date of June 15th if we don't have all the new reports and things in yet. That might work well for us, if we tell them we want to close the Friday or Monday around Tristan's open house. We will have to see. We had to ask favors again of Ric's parents and nephew to take care of some things in Michigan for us. Hopefully this next step is simple and cheap.

Ric finished up the round window --- painted circles on most of it. Looks later. Next, maybe squares on the small squae kitchen window that gets sun in the late afternoon? He is working on sanding and painting a bookshelf. We will have someplace to store the DVDs we brought home from MIchigan last trip and the three knick knacks we brought out with us.

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