Friday, November 03, 2006

We're Here! We're Here! We're Here!

(I just hope no one is trying to boil our dust speck.)

Anyway, we are at Arcosanti. They stuck us in a spare room until our regular room is ready sometime Sunday. We really pushed the driving the last couple days so we could just get out of the car for at least a day or two. At some point, we will have to drive into town to buy some stuff to have in our room for the workshop, but it isn't anything urgent.

First impressions of Arcosanti:

It's a lot smaller place than it looks on the website. When we drove up, we both had the same thought: where is the rest of it?

Don't bother coming here if you have a problem with stairs. Everything is up or down a set of stairs. Having everything on different levels is how they cram so much stuff in so small of a space, but wheelchair-friendly it ain't.

A lot of clutter. Some of that is because it is a construction site. A lot of it is just people not paying attention to where they drop and/or throw things. It seems odd that a group of people that are so environmentally conscious think nothing of leaving stuff where ever it happens to drop.

Very quiet. All the construction at this point is focused on finishing the interior of the East crescent apartments, so during the day, the place looks like it is uninhabited.

The climate here allows Arco to "get away" with things that would never fly in Michigan. For example, the windows are single pane. Other areas just open out to the outside with no discernible way to close it off. Very disconcerting to someone that lives in a climate that tries to kill you for nine months out of the year.

The desert is just how I remember it. I love it out here.

We are taking lots of pictures that I will put up on Flickr at some point. We have taken almost 3 gig of pictures and videos since we left Michigan, so it will take me some time to sort through all of them.

More later.

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