Thursday, November 02, 2006

Getting Close

We made it as far as Flagstaff, Arizona today. Obviously, that means we survived four days at Mickey's house and our cruise. We were roasted at Disney. Orlando set two temperature records while we were there. We were both exhausted from all the walking in the heat and humidity for four days straight. But that just made it easier to stick to our plan for the cruise: sit in the sun, read books, and eat. It was glorious. We even managed to get a little tan and only a few pink spots.

We expect to be at Arcosanti tomorrow morning or early afternoon. Once we are there and get settled in, expect normal blogging to resume. I will also start working on the 3 gigs of pictures we've taken over the last couple weeks and getting them up on Flickr.

Well, it's late and I need to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

HEY, good to hear from you and I'm glad all is going well. I'm anxious to see the pictures and to hear all about your new home.
Aunt Mary